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Zara | SmartLace by Jon Renau

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Ready-to-Wear Lace Front, Monofilament Top
  • SKU: JR5133

Availability: In stock

List Price: $337.60

Price: Price: $286.96

Zara By Jon Renau | Color: FS6/30/27-Toffee Truffle
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  1. 12FS8
    Love this wig. I'm very partial to curls, so my regular wear has been Brianna by Envy for a long time. My issue is that Brianna looks a bit dressed for running errands and such. Since Zara is such a favorite in the wig world, I decided to see what all the fuss was about. The fuss is right on. She's so versatile for anything you might be doing. Of course, there is just something so special about Jon Renau's quality. The hair fiber is unsurpassed by anyone, and his colors are just beyond perfect with blending and consistency. All of my Jon Renau wigs are in 12FS8 and they have no variations in color or tone....I have never been able to say that about my Envy Brianna wigs, regardless of my love for them. There is a fair bit of permatease throughout the cap, but it is needed due to this length and density. I add a 4 clip human hair extension quite close to the nape of all my wigs to help with tangling. After reading, my suggestion to some of the negative reviewers is to do your homework on synthetic systems before buying. They are not for everyone and require time and patience with ultra long lengths. They tangle like crazy, you cannot touch them throughout the day, you cannot wear heavily textured clothing regularly, and you cannot expect them to behave like human hair nor to last as long. Learn and keep a maintenance and restoration routine, and do not wash unless absolutely necessary.

    By Michelle on 5/15/16
  2. Chocolate Cherry
    I purchased this originally in the Caramel Syrup...I love it so much I just purchased the Chocolate Cherry. This is a quality product from a quality company. Both wigs fit consistently the same. I love this new dark colour!
    By Shelley on 5/13/16
  3. Carmel Syrup - Beautiful
    I purchased this wig about 6 months ago. I have waited to review it so that I could give an honest opinion after having owned it for a while. The verdict...I Love It!!!!
    This is a long wig. It will tangle if you are very prepared to comb it gently often. The lace front hairline is virtually undetectable.
    I take very good care of my wigs. I purchased the BeautiMark 10 pc Wig Essentials. I highly recommend these products. I have taken my wigs on vacation and washed them several times. This wig still looks like the day I took her out of the box!
    I love this wig so much...I just purchased it in Chocolate Cherry!
    By Shelley on 5/13/16
  4. Can look great!
    I had unexpected permanent hair loss after a cyst was removed from my scalp recently. I never thought I'd be in my 40's and have to wear a wig. Zara is the first real wig I've bought. I bought the average and it's a little to small, so I ordered another in large to compare the fit. Either way, I like it enough that I bought two of them. I got the toffee truffle first, and now the shaded sun is on the way. It seemed like it took a few days before the wig kind of "settled down" onto my head, making it look more natural. It is a little thin in back, and it does tangle easily. I'm not used to combing my "hair" so much LOL. Regardless I think it is a beautiful style and I've received nothing but compliments.
    By Haven on 5/2/16
  5. Happy bald girl
    I have been a young bald girl for over ten years now, so I know my wigs. That being said, I am also a hard working girl so I know the length of my dollar. I purchased this wig as a nursing student with extremely limited funds and( having been at the time wearing a less than desirable/natural looking wig) when this wig came in the mail I was elated. Never have I gotten in the mail a wig that was perfectly natural and truly "ready to wear" straight out of the box. The color was beautiful and the part/hairline is extremely natural. I have not gone one day since wearing this wig without getting countless compliments on my beautiful hair let alone shock when I tell people I am wearing a wig. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase enough so that I have now ordered more of the same in a variety of colors! Give this wig a try and treat it well, you will be a satisfied customer!
    By Nettie on 2/15/16
  6. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!
    I'm so sad how this wig turned out.... It was beautiful out of the box and I wore it around the house all day and that night I decided to give it a wash to see how she dried. OMG!! NIGHTMARE!!!!! I combed her with the jon renau wide tooth comb ( the ONLY thing I used) washed with synthetic wig shampoo EXACTLY how the instructions said too, sprayed her with wig conditioner and let her dried on the recommended stand away from any heat and the results were HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant even get my fingers let alone the jon renau comb.... any suggestion, I'm just so sad about it. I wouldnt even give it one star but I had too...
    By Sarah on 2/10/16
  7. Toffee Truffle
    i had high hopes for this color unfortunately the color distribution is way too chunky for my liking. parted down the middle the color looks awful. reminds me of highlights and lowlights from the early 2000's. Zara is a beautiful wig however this color is a fail for me.

    By Dee on 2/6/16
  8. I feel like me again!
    I love the Zara! I feel like me again... This wig is long so obviously a little more maintenance but for me worth it!

    By Jennifer on 11/9/15
  9. Wonderful Purchase!
    My natural hair is terribly thin and as a cosmetologist, I've always wanted to have the kind of hair that I could feel confident about. That being said, this wig has been a brilliant purchase! It's very natural in appearance. The density is not too thick to the point of looking fake and the texture is silky. The best part? I can freely put it up, throw it into an up-do and part it any which way. I purchased Zara in the color 14/26. It's well blended and gives the look of a fresh highlight. The surface of the hair is a tad bit shiny, but I am assuming the shimmer will dull eventually.

    All in all, this wig is worth the price!

    By Brooke on 2/8/15
  10. Will be looking for a better wig!
    I love the Zara wig. For new lace front wig wearers it can be frustrating to make the wig look natural but can be done. Before you put on your wig and if you have a lot of hair underneath as I do. You'll want to decide what kind of part you want (middle, side etc). To make it look flush, you need to make your own part, line up under the part under the wig to match the part of the Wig. Make sure your wig cap is about 2-3 inches from your own natural growing hairline. Remember these types of Wigs are geared more towards hair loss and can be worn for fashion also but you have to know what you're doing. Makeup under the lace also adds to realism and camouflages demarcation. And if you have dark hair and want blonde hair, I suggest the rooted colors.
    By Deb on 1/29/15
  11. Long
    Love the length!
    By Bridget Toth on 12/13/14
  12. Pros and Cons
    This wig has a lot of hair. More hair than I knew what to do with. The wig looks fabulous on me and no one knew it was a wig. The color combinations are fantastic. Cons: Needs to be combed during and after use. Tangles easily (although I wore mine dancing so...and it never fell off). After I used it I had to spray detangle on sections and comb through (takes time). I have had it for a couple of months and it looks great. Does shed.
    By johnna on 11/17/14
  13. Will keep looking for a better wig!
    I got this wig to attend my relative's wedding. I tried my best to match the color on screen to my own hair, and thought honey syrup would be a good choice, but when the wig arrived, the color was meh. It wasn't a bad color but wasn't what I wanted. I was nervous about trying it on. My first concern was that it would look like a wig. Once I put it on, I noticed that I could see my cap peaking though. I spend half an hour combing the hair in different directions trying to find a way to cover the front so it would look less like a wig and more like actual hair. That was challenging and frustrating. But i had no choice. I either wear this and hope that it passes as real hair or try to style my damaged, broken hair. That wasn't an option, especially because the wedding was going to be on Friday and I was going to attend after work. To make the story short, I've gotten compliments from my husband's relatives who haven't seen me in a long time, but my own family who was there said that they can tell that i am wearing a wig and i should invest in something more natural looking and more expensive, like human hair.
    I also wore this wig the next day to an after party and felt self conscious. It is definitely not something for everyday wear, and yes, I will keep looking for something more natural looking and with a better cap. Even though i could comb my hair in different directions, i could not pull them away from the face because the front of the wig looks so unnatural. The only way I could wear it was with a side bang across my face, clipped into place.
    The good thing though is that this wig looks great in the pictures we took during the event.
    By Alicia on 11/10/14
  14. I wish
    When I first got this wig I loved it so much. I bought all the products to take care of it, and trust me I did. It has been two weeks since I got it and the texture is awful. I spent so much money on a wig that lasted less than a month. Don't get me wrong, its beautiful at first, but after about two weeks the hair feels like straw, looks like its been fried, and looks very unnatural. In my opinion, save your money. I am very disappointed.


    We apologize you were not completely satisfied with Zara. Your feedback was forwarded to Jon Renau and we are certain it will be addressed. The results you experienced are sometimes due to the wig not being washed as often as needed. Products and oils build up on the fiber and it can start to feel stiff and “dry”. We recommend washing Zara every 6-8 wears with BeautiMark Shampoo for Synthetic fibers. Also, HD Smooth Detangler by Jon Renau and the Hair Trix Comb works great for the longer synthetics. Thank you for your feedback and for choosing!
    By Carly on 11/10/14
  15. no one can tell its a wig
    It looks so natural! I love it and plan to get other wigs in the future, definitely am glad i got it and people are amazed at how natural it looks(:

    By cass on 11/4/14
  16. Good Body
    I cut mine to just above the shoulder....perfect for me. The large is if you are on the fence try the average...especially of you don't wear a wig cap or have a lot of hair to cover. Not sure about the wear yet. Someone complained about it being's not....very realistic thickness.
    By Melissa on 10/27/14
  17. Loved it so much here is the 2nd one
    Love Zara. They stand up to my outdoor activities such as snow skiing riding horses in the wind (and they stay on!) and just working outside all day. Put it in the sink hang to dry perfect and ready to go in hours.
    Why would you want to style your real hair when you can have one of these?

    By Lindsey on 4/15/14
  18. Love it! Have it in 2 colors!
    Of all of the wonderful wigs I've collected this is everyone's favorite. People can't believe it when I tell them that it isn't my real hair. This one is rooted I'm sorry I don't have the color on hand.
    One thing I really like about this wig vs for example RW Scene Stealer is that this isn't heat friendly so it has proven to last even longer without any problems or looking like it's starting to fray.
    Love it would recommend it to anyone!
    Hope the pics help I know customer pics can really help me when I'm looking. For reference I'm only 5'1.

    By Lindsey on 4/15/14
  19. so gorgeous it's unbelievable!
    i have spent so much money on human hair wigs and then the money and time to get them styled over and over! i bought this one as a back up when i didnt have time to mess with fixing up one of my human hair wigs (on the advice of my customer service rep thank you!)
    i could not believe how beautiful this looked and FELT! it is as beautiful as any of the 3+thousand dollar wigs i have. i love this wig (can you tell;) It is a great buy and worth every penny!
    By Casey on 4/4/14
  20. Zara is the best!
    This was the first good wig that I have bought. It is sooo comfortable and looks sooo natural. Compared to the cheaper wigs I've worn its like a miracle wig. Never have I thought a wig could be so comfortable and look so beautiful. Zara is great!
    By Jenna on 1/7/14
  21. Love it for the most part!
    I love this wig. So far it's the most realistic one I've purchased (and I've bought many on and in stores). The lace front is realistic and it even fooled my own brother. The only thing I don't like is that the hair feels very coarse after a couple wears. It feels stiff and looks weird. It kinks easily and I have to use a curling iron and water to basically straighten it out and refresh it. Other than that I would buy it again.
    By Spunky on 10/24/13
  22. LOVE ZARA!!!!
    Such a beautiful and NATURAL looking wig...I don't ever feel like people are looking at my wig but rather admiring my new beautiful long hair! Jon Renau is my favorite!
    By Andi M. on 9/24/13
  23. Not very full
    The pictures on the site make the wig look like there's a lot of substance to it but I was rather disappointed when I took it out of the box and saw how thin it really was. It still looked great once I put it on and I've been pretty happy with it for the past 9 months.
    By jlynn on 9/16/13
  24. LOVE IT!!!!
    I love my Zara whenever I have it on no one knows I have a wig on because its so natural!
    By De De on 9/10/13
  25. My Beautiful Hair
    I have had alopecia since our son was born some years ago. Zara has given me my own hair back it is wonderful. I look in the mirror and I see myself now. The lace front is absolutely wonderful on those windy days.
    By VR on 8/20/13
  26. Awesome Wig!
    This wig is amazing. I can't believe how great I feel wearing this wig. I did have to get it customized to suit me. Now it's perfect! I may never wear another!
    By Alex on 1/11/13
  27. love the length
    the lace front looks really natural I love the length and layers
    By Amanda B on 11/12/12
  28. best investment i ever made!
    I recently purchased my very first wig the Zara in color #1. I am African American and it looks great on me. I will never go back to hair extensions. I have gotten so many compliments from family and friends including my husband. This is the best investment I have ever made since MAC makeup and my IPhone!!!!!!!!
    By Ashley on 8/1/12
  29. confidence booster
    I love my wig! It's long and beautiful. The lacefront makes it look so real. It's very comfortable and makes me feel confident about wearing a wig. I would give it 5 stars but the color was a little bit different than what I expected. Other than that I'm very satisfied.
    By TC on 10/13/11

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