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All That Jazz by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Basic Cap

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List Price: $146.00

Price: Price: $124.10

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All That Jazz by Raquel Welch: Color R28S+ Glazed Fire (Fiery Red with Bright Red highlights)
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    I ordered this wig in Cinnabar and was very pleased with the color.
    I found the side pieces were too long so I shortened them and like it much better.
    Not sure if it is too much hair for me or not.

    By Maureen on 6/10/15
  2. Quality has changed.
    I have bought this style for several years. One time I got a new color and put it away b/c I liked the other one better but after receiving one that was definitely thinner with much broken off hair and by far not the same quality I had been receiving I pulled out the older one. The quality of the one a few years old was SO much better. I think there must be a major change in how the newer ones are made and it is not for the better. I ordered a new one a few months ago and it is of poor quality too. It's such a shame as I like the wig style a lot (although I wish it were a little longer in the back also as someone else mentioned). I want to try again but am afraid they will all be poorly made now. I'm so bothered by the change in quality. Sad.
    By Chip on 9/25/14
  3. My Daily One
    I have worn this since it came out. I agree the color of the blonde varies sometime and these last 2 the hair comes out more and seems to be thinner on the sides. Perhaps it is made on a different machine than my 1st ones. I do have to be careful or the part gives me away sometime as it is thinner there. But all being said I LOVE this wig. I get SOOO many compliments on my hair I do hope this will be a staple for quite a while. It is a style that is timeless.
    By dolly1854 on 10/16/13
  4. Not Consistent
    I have an All That Jazz that I have owned for several years in a light color and could NEVER seem to get it to style correctly. So why I ordered another one was a huge mystery; even to me. HOWEVER the 2nd one is just fabulous!! I suppose it is the same as one size M not being identical to another M! Since I usually go darker in the winter I may order a 3rd and hope for the best. I do however get serious compliments on this wig even though some of the crown hairs tend to have a life of their own!
    By Cindy on 9/29/13
  5. Looks nice
    But I'm not really happy with it. The hair falls out and a lot has broken off in the front of the wig. It has not lasted as long as others I've ordered.
    By Tami on 9/3/13
  6. One of my favorites but lately...
    I've been wearing All That Jazz by Raquel Welch ever since it debuted a few years back and have owned different shades. It's definitely one of my favorite wigs; not too short very stylish and very comfortable even in the Yuma heat. I have noticed though with more recent orders that the quality doesn't seem to be the same. The wig fibers seem to shed a lot more and some wigs just seem to be off. That said it is one that I receive many compliments on and looks classy and natural. I would love to see more colors offered.
    By Emily on 8/26/13
    I have bought this for over a year now. It is fabulous right out of the box and to this day I continue to get comments on how great it is from men women and teenagers! I LOVE it!
    By SD on 8/8/13
  8. Love the Style and Color
    This is one of my favorite wigs. Love the color R3025S+ (Glazed Cinnamon) and the style. Love the flips in the back. The only drawback is I wish it were a little longer at the nape of the neck - even an inch would help to make it lay flat against the neck. Also I wish they would remake it in the current hair synthetic material. This wig is made from the coarser older style material and doesn't feel as nice. Would also love a mono top. But for the price it's a winner. I have a couple for backup. I did have to trim the bangs but that's a minor issue.
    By Marge on 8/2/13
  9. Sassy
    I have ordered several of these and love them. Get compliments all of the time on the cut and style.
    By Annette on 7/10/13
  10. Ready to wear
    I just shook it and put it on I love the back and its gorgeous!!
    By BB on 4/28/13
  11. Looks better on Raquel
    I like it but it's a little different looking than I thought it was going to be. It looks better on Raquel than it does on me!
    By Elaine on 3/1/13
  12. Not for me
    less hair than other wigs and fits poorly.
    By Shea on 1/7/13
  13. My fav RW wig!
    This is the nicest wig I have ordered. I love all my Raquel wigs but this is the best!
    By Carole on 12/8/12
  14. I don't like it
    this wig is just horrendous! it has no body no curl it falls in my face and i'm afraid to wash and style it. i will be returning it in exchange for a different style.
    By Norma on 11/2/12
  15. Beautiful!
    This wig is beautiful I love the cut and how easy it is to style
    By Cathy on 10/26/12
  16. Not for me
    a lot of hair is coming out part is very obvious short hairs stick up at the top weird style
    By Cindy on 6/15/12
  17. Not full enough for me
    Love the idea of the style but it needs more hair on the top and on the sides. It just did not have the RW look that I am use to the hair did not have the feel.
    By Gwen on 4/28/12
  18. Doesn't feel like a wig
    this style is short and sleek and feels feather light..sometimes i forget im wearing a wig!
    By Gail on 11/25/11
  19. I cut mine but love it
    I like the flips in the back and I just cut the longer pieces for me
    By NC on 9/13/11
  20. Didn't work for me
    The RW-All That Jazz did not work for me. It was not Jazzy at all.
    By Patricia on 4/13/11
  21. I wouldn't order it again
    I bought the All that Jazz to try something new and when I received it and the fit was way to big and I found the hair shed very easily.
    By Lisa H on 2/11/11

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