3 Easy Steps to Hiding Hair Loss With Wigs

3 Easy Steps to Hiding Hair Loss With Wigs

Top pieces are a great solution for localized hair loss. The best top piece covers the affected area while delivering exceptional comfort. Identifying the nature and extent of your hair loss is the key to determining the right solution for your needs.


Hair Loss in Hands


Stages of Hair Loss: The first step in determining what kind of coverage you need is to identify your stage of hair loss.

  • Stage I: Hair loss is in a diffused pattern on top of the head. Hair loss at this stage is noticeable, but minimal. 
  • Stage II: Hair loss is more noticeable, and more of the scalp may be visible. 
  • Stage III: At this stage hair loss is very noticeable, and the scalp is clearly visible.

Area of Hair Loss: The second step is to identify the location of hair loss.

  • Front/Fringe: Hair loss is localized at or near the front hair line.
  • Part: Hair loss is localized within the top of the scalp near the part or crown.
  • Top: Light to moderate hair loss localized at the top of the scalp near the part or the crown.
  • Crown: Hair loss is localized at or near the back of the scalp.
  • Diffused: Hair loss is localized at the top of the scalp and is spread through much of the area.
  • Total/Complete: Complete loss of hair.

The Best Solution: The third step is to select the best type of coverage for your need.

Clip-in bangs/fringe are the perfect solution for thinning hair at the front hairline or temples.


Shop Clip In Bangs and Fringes


Clip-in, volumizing hairpieces and extensions help you fill in thinning areas or fine hair. This is the ideal solution for hair loss localized within a smaller area of the head. Clip-in top pieces with smaller bases work best for light to moderate hair loss at the top of the head near the part or crown. Clip-in top pieces with larger bases are the solution for extensive hair loss at the top, crown, or more diffused stages of hair loss.



100% Hand-Tied & Double Monofilament Wigs are the ideal solution for complete hair loss and the preferred wigs by women with hair loss because of the smoother surface and comfortable caps which eliminate irritation and friction against the scalp.

We're here to help you find a solution to regain your confidence! Write to us below and share solutions you’ve found for managing hair loss. Check out our Inspiring Women video series where we feature amazing women sharing their journey through wearable hair to inspire you.

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