3 Vacation Hairstyles To Keep Your Style Sizzling!

3 Vacation Hairstyles To Keep Your Style Sizzling!

Vacation Hairstyles and Extensions

It’s no secret that we all love vacations and getaways. Everything from getting away with the girls for a weekend at the spa, to taking a honeymoon trip to Italy with the love of your life, or even a Disneyland trip with your family — vacations are always amazing, and definitely a much needed balance for everyday life. But honestly, when it comes to planning getaways, it can be tough — and I’m not just talking about time and money!

Best Vacation Hairstyles

Because getaways are something we often dream about for so long, we definitely want them to be absolutely perfect, and sometimes that can become near impossible when trying to plan your outfit and hair. And since your style should be the least of your worries on your trip, we’ve put together a list of a few beautiful hairstyles that are perfect for any getaway, and that will have you looking and feeling beautiful throughout your whole trip! So let’s dive into these styles that you should definitely be rocking on your next getaway!

Fanned Rope Braid Hairstyle

Side swept, pulled back, or half up — a rope braid is always the answer to any look (especially one that’s lazy to do but looks extravagant and detailed!). If you’re looking for a style that is easy to do without hours or styling and struggle, a rope braid is perfect for you.

This is the type of look that screams style and chic, and ideal if you’ll be wearing it for a weekend at the beach with your girls or tanning in the LA summer sun. Wherever route you choose to go, consider a rope braid for your next hairstyle and watch how much fun you’ll have on your trip because of it! Styling hint: after you make the braid, fan out the loops and lightly spray with hairspray. This gives you the effortlessly gorgeous "I woke up like this" look plus added volume!

Gorgeous Messy Updo or Bun

Vacation Hairstyles

An updo is another excellent choice for  any look, and always offers elegance without comparison!  This look screams wild and free, and after all, isn’t that what a getaway is truly about it? This hairstyle is also perfect to do with hair extensions, as they are totally hidden and effortlessly appear to be part of your natural hair. Messy or organized updos also adds enormous volume to your hair, adding a more flattering appearance overall in such an effortless way.

Here's how to upgrade a lazy bun into a vaca fashion statement:

  1. Make sure you back comb or tease the hair to ensure it keeps volume and shape while your hitting the cruise ship dance-floor or sight-seeing in the summer breeze. 
  2. Curl hair ends to make sure the look in pretty and put-together. The key is to look effortlessly stunning, but sometimes a little effort is needed to get the look ;) 
  3. Use bobby pins to place hair ends back into the bun, giving it added volume and dimension! 

Rock this style on your next vacation, and just wait until you see how stunning you look in your next pool-side Instagram selfie! 

Loose and Free Hairstyle

Whimsical and flowing hair is always the answer to any look. This is the type of style that literally goes with anything, and makes a statement in itself that other styles could never match!  It’s easy to do, and you’re free to get totally creative with it! Not only does this add extra volume (especially with a little teasing), but it shows you’re free spirit and how beautiful it is to just be yourself.

  1. A perfect way to give loose, carefree hairstyles some summertime flair is the add in some small free-handed braids for bohemian flair that's eye-catching and pretty. 
  2. Use hair-chalk to add some fun, bold colors to small sections of hair and get island hideaway peekaboo highlights. 
  3. Loose waves always look great with day-old hair, so wash the night before and use dry shampoo to absorb oils and add volume to the crown that morning!

Everything from loose curls, to beach waves, or even long and straight — whatever you prefer to do, your hair is sure to wow all who see and be an absolute show-stopper on your next getaway. Live, laugh, and love — and don’t forget to enjoy every second of your vacation!

Where are you planning to take your vacation? Tell us your destination in the comments below!

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