5 Blonde Human Hair Wigs To Bring Out Your Inner Bombshell

5 Blonde Human Hair Wigs To Bring Out Your Inner Bombshell

Finding and choosing the right wig for you is no easy task. There’s so many decisions you have to make: what type of hair, what color, how long, what style. If you’re unsure and feeling a little overwhelmed, I would strongly suggest trying human hair.

Human hair wigs offer:

A natural look. This one’s a no-brainer. Human hair wigs are natural looking because they are made from real hair! 

Flexible styling. Human hair wigs can be parted and styled in a number of ways. You can also have your wig cut and re-shaped if you’re growing tired of a longer length.

A long lifespan. Depending on how well you take care of your wig, your human hair wig could last up to 3 years (or longer, depending on the quality)!

As for color, blonde wigs are always a safe bet. While the jury’s still out on whether blondes actually do have more fun, there’s no doubt blonde is a fun color to try! With so many possible shades and color combinations, “blonde” has more variations than you might think. Check out five of the prettiest blonde wigs we offer to see just how pretty they can be!


If you want your wig to channel actress Amanda Seyfried, Obsession is the wig for you! This layered lace front wig is a knockout whether you style its long blonde locks straight, curly, or wavy. You can also wear it up or down without having to worry about losing its natural look and shine. And Obsession flatters most facial shapes and skin tones, so if you like the wig but aren’t sure if it will work for you, chances are it will!


Prefer a short blonde wig? Delicate might be your match. Despite its length, this stunning bob is surprisingly versatile: whether your style is professional, chic, classic, or modern, this blonde wig will go to bat for you. Delicate is also entirely hand-tied, and features a lace front and monofilament top.

Lea Renau Exclusive

If you love long wigs but are looking for bangs, try Lea Renau Exclusive. This long blonde wig will have your friends and family comparing you to Reese Witherspoon! There’s so many styling possibilities with this wig. You can push your bangs to the side, pull them back, or go for that wispy look, and both light waves and stick-straight styles will look great on the rest of your mane!

Angie Exclusive

For a truly classic blonde color, you have to go with Angie Exclusive. Every shade of this wig is created without using dye—meaning if you do change your mind about going blonde, you can dye or highlight your new wig whatever color you want! Angie Exclusive is also pre-permed, so even after you wash this wig, it’ll keep its natural waves.


Applause is that perfect short human hair wig you don’t have to worry too much about styling. Made by Raquel Welch, the short, layered locks on this wig flatter all facial shapes. If you’re feeling daring, try this wig in the Palest Blonde shade for some true Hollywood glamour!


What's your favorite shade of blonde? Tell us why you love your blonde wig in the comments!

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