9 Things That Made You Feel Better About Hair Loss

9 Things That Made You Feel Better About Hair Loss

“Hair loss” isn’t a four-letter word (it’s two of them, actually) but it might as well be. It’s a condition that none of us can control, yet it is surrounded by so much shame and embarrassment. No one wants to shout about their hair loss from the rooftops.
Well, except for Kellie Scott, a journalist and the mind behind the HairLossBoss Instagram account. The Australian influencer has lost over 70% of her hair, but she isn’t interested in sympathy or feeling sorry for herself. Instead, she encourages women to own hair loss “like a f---ing boss.”


While Kellie is now a proud wig-wearer, it wasn’t always easy for her. She struggled with her diagnosis of androgenic alopecia in early 30’s. In 2017, she “came out” on social media: “I have fake hair and it’s awesome.”
Her account has since grown and she has now over 22,000 followers. Kellie aims to destigmatize hair loss and empower women.
While the posts of HairLossBoss may be one way to inspire you to feel better about your hair loss, it’s okay if you need a little more. Recently, Kellie asked women to share what helped them come to terms with their own hair loss. Below are just some of the answers!


“Knowing it isn’t my fault or something that I did wrong.”
When you’re experiencing the beginning stages of hair loss, it’s too easy to blame yourself. It’s best to try to ignore that little nagging voice in your head. Hair loss is typically a hereditary issue and not something you could have prevented. 

“Growing my career, not my hair.”
We all know that a woman’s worth isn’t derived from superficial traits like hair. If your hair loss is difficult for you, it may help you to dive into other interests, like your career. You could also develop new hobbies. Haven’t you always wanted to learn a new skill?
“A bloody good wig!”
This one is a no-brainer. Every wig-wearer knows the effect of “the one” - that perfect wig that pulls it all together. At first, it may be a process of trial and error, but the right one is out there, waiting.
“Joining an online hair loss community where I can speak freely and know I’m not alone.”
It’s vital to find “your people.” With the internet, finding a community of like-minded people has never been easier. In fact, at Wigs.com, we have a forum where you can feel free to share your experiences and questions with other wig owners!
“Telling my partner, family, and everyone.”
Hiding your hair loss only leads to further shame. Again, there is nothing to hide! When you are ready, don’t hesitate to tell your loved ones about your hair loss. Their support can be invaluable as you work towards acceptance. 
“Realizing everyone has some kind of struggle.”
This sentiment isn’t meant to belittle your very real struggle. For some, it can be helpful to remember that everyone has their own battle. The realization can help you feel less alone.
“Shaving my head.”
Some women may feel trapped by hair loss and may choose to shave all their hair. It can be considered preferable to battling hair loss. Not to mention, instead of low-maintenance, it’s suddenly no maintenance!
“A diagnosis!”
A medical diagnosis is usually not a cause for celebration, but sometimes the relief of an answer can be amazing. A diagnosis can end years of questions and direct you towards the next step in your journey.

Honestly, I think everyone should try therapy, but that’s a soapbox for another day. Regarding hair loss, you may experience very real grief. A professional can help you work through the process.
Remember, as Kellie Scott posts on HairLossBoss, “a wig cannot do the emotional work for you.” A wig is just one step in your hair loss journey. Only you know what works best for you.
As mentioned, if you’re looking for some community, consider joining the Wigs.com forum to discuss and chat with other wig-wearers!


If you have any other advice, or an influencer you'd like us to highlight, drop us a comment below!


Lovely post! These tips will surely help women facing hair loss problems to get their lost confidence back and stay motivated. Loved the point “Growing my career, not my hair”. Few days ago, I ordered a wig to recover from my hair thinning from a supplier named DoU Wigs. It’s nice and comfy but I think I’ll buy my next one from you! Keep spreading the wisdom

Chris Jones

Thank you for your suggestion. These tips very
useful for everyone

Praveen Khatve

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