All The Reasons We Adore Gabor!

All The Reasons We Adore Gabor!

What’s not to love about Gabor wigs? This incredible wig line offers something for everyone to make them feel beautiful, confident and carefree. Here's all the reasons we are in love with this renowned wig line!


Gabor Wigs Color Palette

Gabor has one of the most gorgeous color palettes you can find, with hair colors that emulate salon quality, you'll be looking fresh out of the chair in minutes. With so many stunning colors, it's almost impossible to decide on just one, so Gabor gives you blending options to incorporate all of your favorite hues and contrasts into one wig. From reds to rooted to medium blonde with gold highlights, you've got all the variety you could ever need!

To make sure that you receive the best color possible, take advantage of a Gabor Color Ring which includes swatches of individual colors. This will help you see for yourself which color is right for you. But don’t forget, most wigs are blended with more than one color so check for the main body color as well as any highlights or blended colors. It’s easy to find out which color is perfect for you at no risk.There's even a color ring for synthetic hair!

The Top Ten Gabor Wigs

Not sure which style sounds the most interesting? Take a look at the Gabor Top Ten! This is a special collection making up the most popular and sought after Gabor styles. Most of these looks are in a short to mid-length style with plenty of layers to help you look your best. You can easily find a perfect wig in this collection – it's classy, chic and simply fabulous!


Why Are Gabor Wigs So Popular?

It’s easy to see why Gabor wigs steal the show with their classic looks. This line has a variety of shapes and styles, but the best part is that they are flattering for all face shapes. Still not convinced? Here's even more reasons we adore Gabor:

  • Never visit a salon for perfect highlights
  • Look red carpet ready all day
  • Forget having to style your hair everyday with Gabor's ready-to-wear wigs
  • Wake up feeling amazing and ready to go in no time


Gabor Wig Reviews

See why Gabor wigs are so popular and they are one of our best sellers! With new collections coming out regularly, you can update your look as often as you want. Take a look at the Gabor Essentials collection which boasts an assortment of different looks and lengths. Each wig has a variety of comments and suggestions about style from real customers just like you!


An Incredibly Natural Look

Another great thing about Gabor wigs is that they look and feel so natural! There’s no worrying if someone is going to discover your beauty secret! Be prepared for questions about your stylist and how you get your hair to look so good! With a Gabor wig, you'll get amazing style at just the right price.


With so many great wig collections from Gabor you’ll definitely be able to find a look that works for you. So what’s not to adore about Gabor? Choose your new style today, you won’t be disappointed!

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