All Weather Hair | The Miracle of Synthetic Wigs

All Weather Hair | The Miracle of Synthetic Wigs

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Rain or shine, synthetic wigs are the best way to ensure your hairstyle never frizzes or falls! There are many advantages to being able to put your style on in seconds. Synthetic wigs give you the freedom to have any style you want for a very affordable price and minimal effort. Weather proofing your look is simple with synthetic wigs.


Synthetic Wigs for Style That Holds

Here are some pros and cons to wearing synthetic hair:

Easy, Easy, Easy - Synthetic hair is so easy to take care of and have amazing style memory. This means the style or curl pattern is baked right in. You never have to restyle it - bonus! All you have to do is wash it in cool water and shake it out. Viola! It returns to its original style. 

Versatility - As synthetic hair is much more easy to style and care for, you now have the flexibility to buy different styles and colors to try.  

Vibrant Hues - Synthetic wigs have the most vibrant hues because the synthetic fiber holds color much more efficiently than human hair. It can take deeper and more striking colors easily. The best part, no fading!  So go for that amazing red that would keep you at your hairdresser only every couple of weeks. Now you can have that deep rich red from the salon look any time you would like!

Cost Effective - the cost of synthetic hair is so much more affordable than human hair. You can get three or more great quality synthetic wigs for the price of one high-end human hair wig. Of course, a wig lover always wants a good human hair wig at her fingertips…but for all weather hair and lots of options…nothing beats great synthetic wigs!

Naturally Beautiful - with a good quality synthetic wig you get the look of human hair at a fraction of the cost. It is very hard to tell the difference between the human hair wig and a quality synthetic hair wig. This makes it such a wise and easy choice all the way around.

Short Synthetic Wigs


Now there are also some challenges with synthetic hair, but if you keep a couple of things in mind, you can have a natural look, no problem!

  • Shine - A drawback to some synthetic fiber (usually the lower quality fiber) is that there may be an unnatural shine to the hair. This is easily remedied by washing the wig and once it is dry, you can spray on a hair powder or dry shampoo which leaves a light powder coating and will give a more natural look to the hair. 
  • Shorter life span - These wigs live a shorter life than a high-end human hair wig. However, just because the life is shorter doesn’t mean it can't live a great life while it lasts! Synthetic makes life so much easier and the color doesn’t fade. Depending on the frequency of wear, your wig should last 3-6 months tops, but it's totally worth it!
  • Color stays - You can not re-color or change the color of synthetic hair. However, this is not a bad thing when you have enough color options to choose from when ordering (and there's plenty on The bright side to color that stay is just that: the colors stays! No fun fading or color washing out over time. 

Curly Blonde Wig

Curly Synthetic Wig | Always by Raquel Welch

Rain, snow, fog, or humidity... nothing messes up great hair day with synthetic wigs. Take advantage of the versatility and affordability you get wearing synthetic hair, and look like you spent hours on your style with hardly any effort!

What's your favorite thing about synthetic hair? Let us know in the comments below! 

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