Be-YOU-tiful You!

Be-YOU-tiful You!

We've all heard that annoying and rather narcissistic phrase "you do you". But this phrase just basically gives everyone the go ahead to do what they want irrespective of any one around them. Damn the do you. That would be great if everyone were inherently good, but we're not. With so much violence and unkindness in the world, "you do you" may not be the best advice for everyone. Being the best version of yourself is, however, a great goal for all of us as it is 'others centered' and brings out the most beautiful part of you.

Find YOUR Beauty With the Perfect Wig Style

Be-YOU-tiful...Finding and showing our true beauty may be as easy as putting others first, being kind, doing the right thing, and cultivating a grateful heart! Sound corny? It is...but it is also the way to do the best version of you. What a difference it could make in this crazy world of ours! 


Wavy Blonde Wig by Jon Renau

Ok, we've established that true beauty comes from the inside and in how we act and treat others…but, we all still want to look great on the outside!
So many of us judge beauty by appearances as it is the quickest way, but as well all know, being beautiful is not simply about what you look like. Yet, we all want to look great as it helps us feel good…but feeling great and looking great starts in our thoughts about ourselves!


Curly Red Wig, Lace Front Wig by Ellen Wille

Here, we are all about wigs and hair pieces and how they can improve your look, but you can apply the same principles to any accessory that helps make you feel beautiful. You will look good if you carry it off with confidence! I spoke to a client the other day about wearing wigs for the first time, who said "I just don't look like me and that makes me feel embarrassed and self-conscious". She had purchased one of the best human hair wigs and two of the most popular synthetic wigs which did happen to look great on her. But because she felt embarrassed that she "had" to be wearing wigs due to her severe hair loss… There was nothing that was going to make her feel as beautiful as she looked in those perfect hairstyles. She only felt the negativity of the circumstance that had her wearing hair…

She didn't yet feel the gratefulness of the positives: she had and could afford beautiful hair to wear, she was alive and working her way to a healthier place, and even though she did not look just like her old self with her new hair, she did look fabulous in those wigs! I loved it when she finally said "I don't really want to look like the old me anyway!" She had decided to choose thankful... and that was beautiful.:-)

Synthetic Lace Front Wig

How you project your light out into the world makes a difference. It doesn't matter if you have the most beautiful hair, body, or clothes... if you can embrace the best parts of who you are (inside and out) and amplify this… Your confidence feel better...and that makes it so much easier to be happy and kind. You will let everyone see your true beauty! Be-YOU-tiful.


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