Beautiful in Blue Wigs

Beautiful in Blue Wigs

Pastel Blue Wig

Whether we consciously realize it or not, we associate colors with certain feelings and moods. The color blue reminds us of the sky and the ocean. We associate the color with depth and stability. It can be a shade of serenity and peacefulness. A friend can be “true blue” and loyal. Color psychologists believe being in a blue room can make people more productive. Software developers are big fans of the shade; consider how many apps on your phone boast blue icons! Above all, we just simply love blue. A YouGov study found it was the most popular color across 10 different countries!


It’s fair to say we all have a special place in our hearts for the color blue. If it’s your favorite, you may even want to wear it. And I’m not talking about your wardrobe. Not everyone can pull off a blue wig, but I have a feeling you can! Check out these beautiful blue wigs and try one out yourself!

Blue Ombre Wig

Blue Waves by hairdo


Isn’t this cobalt blue wig absolutely amazing? Perhaps this metaphor is too on the nose, but look at these beautiful waves! Talk about making a splash! Blue Waves by hairdo is a synthetic wig that is rooted with a dark shade that transforms into a cascading waterfall of blue locks. If you want to try this look straight and sleek, this piece is made of heat-friendly fibers, so you can go curly or straight (just make sure you stay around 270° F - 280° F). For an edgy look, pair this wig with a black leather jacket or lacy pumps. For a night under the sea, pair with pastels. Dive in, mermaid!

Blue Bob Wig with Dark Roots


This icy blue wig is breathtakingly cool. Out of the Blue by hairdo is an angled long bob. The root is dark, while the heat-friendly strands are a blend of three-dimensional blue shades. Shake this synthetic wig straight out of the box and admire the arctic blues. With an open weft cap and velvet front rim, you’ll be comfortable and cool all night (or day!) long, so take this wig out for a night on the town! If you are feeling super bold, wear it with an all-white dress or pantsuit. Get ready for all the compliments coming your way!

Pastel Blue Wig with Bangs


The term “go-go” comes from an old French word for “joy” or “happiness.” Find your joy in this fun baby blue wig. After all, it’s going to be hard to not have fun – you’re going to be the life of the party! GoGo Girl by Forever Young is a shoulder-length bob with blunt straight-across bangs. The bangs are my favorite part. The style of them is so trendy right now. Plus, this wig is so silky smooth! Wear it around town for your errands for a splash of fun in your routine. Once night hits, break out your little black dress and let this wig take in the spotlight!


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