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With the beauty industry reaching what seemed like its peak in 2016, year after year has proven that the industry has not weakened, but in fact has exploded. What was once only paid campaign models advertising new beauty products is now an online gold mine. Beauty influencers are teaming up with international beauty companies in order to release and sell out of custom-made products for the large following they carry on social media sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook.

Best Beauty and Hair Influencers 2019


Beauty Influencers


This past year has been amazing for well-known beauty influencers such as @PatrickStarrr, @MannyMua, @DesiPerkins, @Lustrelux, @JeffreeStar, @NikkieTutorials, and more. We have chosen 5 beauty influencers or vlog/bloggers that you need to watch out for in 2019. Big things are going to happen and we are excited to watch them unfold.


No, not Makeup By Shayla, it is MakeupShayla. Shayla had a rough 2017 with the passing of her french bulldog, King Titus, but bounced back strong due to the immense amount of positive vibrations her supporters sent her way. Making it official with, “Les,” whom she calls the love of her life, she is happier than ever. In 2017 Shayla shot dozens of YouTube videos, vlogged weekly, and scored a huge collaboration with Maybelline. With 2.6 million followers, her support system is growing immensely and we are excited for what Shayla has in store this 2019 year.

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Sweet Karen has worked tremendously hard this past year. With not only one collaboration with Colourpop, she managed to work hard enough to drop TWO lip collaborations within four months. Her Instagram tutorials as well as her YouTube have been on fire with back to back uploads, so we know that 2019 just might be her year. Each video uploaded to her channel is crisp, clean.

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Ourfa is quite the underdog in this beauty world, but the artist herself, who would rather not be called a beauty guru, we have high hopes for. She has not gone in depth into YouTube like some of the other females, but she has done enough to see her improvement and 2019 is looking real promising for.

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Reuben is a 10 year old beauty vlogger who was recognized by the infamous Ellen Degeneres and Kim Kardashian not only for his makeup, but also his tremendous singing talents. With the seal of approval by both ellen and kim, we are curious to see where 2019 will take his career. Reuben has taught a makeup class, appeared on television, and has even done some work on Kim’s app. He is on his way to the top!

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Amra Olević, known to most as Amrezy, is currently sitting on 5.4 million Instagram followers while serving fierce looks. Amrezy began her journey to being the most talked about beauty influencer by utilizing her own beauty, fashion, & lifestyle blog. Leading her supporters to Instagram, she rapidly gained a large following as well as several beauty collaborations with the help of her feed constantly being updated with makeup looks.

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Amrezy spreads self love and confidence messages throughout her Snapchat and Twitter, making her a huge influence to individuals around the world including her Rezy Riders. Although she is most notorious for how flawless her makeup sits on her face and her feisty attitude, she is also a fashion prodigy. Amrezy’s highlighter isn’t the only thing catching our attention. Amra does not participate in Youtube, but with her Instagram follower count of 5.4 million far exceeding other beauty influencers and her hinting at collaborations including a wig project - we can not wait!

Who are YOUR favorite Beauty Influencers? 

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