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Well it’s a fresh new year and I am excited to see what hair I will rock throughout it. Okay..not excited, but ECSTATIC!  Last year I spent a good amount of time starting to figure out wigs, their designers, the colors, the styles, and what worked for me since I lost all my hair due to Alopecia Areata in the first half of the year. Through my journey I have started to realize that I love (yes, loooooove) LOTS of wigs, LOTS of designers, and LOTS of colors. Some might even call it a problem *facepalm*.

So what’s on my wig wish list? I did my best and narrowed my list down to some basic (and some not so basic) MUST-HAVE’s for this year! 


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Jon Renau: Kristen

This is a no-brainer. I didn’t have to research. I didn’t have to watch a million wig reviews on YouTube. I just know that this one MUST happen this year! Kristi is Jon Renau’s 100% hand-tied version of their very, VERY popular Kristen wig. While I super love the cut of the Kristen, call me a mono-snob if you must, I just can’t handle having permatease in the part and the extra permatease at the top of the wig. I like the natural appearance of monofilament tops and monofilament parts. The two wigs that I own that don’t have those features just don’t get worn very often! The classic bob style with face framing layers will be an awesome go-to option that I would wear over and over and OVER again! As for the color choice, I will have to choose the good-ole trustworthy 12FS8 Shaded Praline because you just can’t go wrong with that color!

Estetica Designs: Sky

Can I just say that Estetica Designs absolutely KILLED IT with their winter collection? I could put every single style from that collection on this wish list! I keep seeing this jaw dropping style grace my Instagram feed over and over again. I can see why so many people are purchasing this one. This long-medium bob (okay, I am just going to call it a lob) looks so chic! Another reason I am day dreaming about this style daily is the fact that I have always wanted to try a “lob” (aka- long bob) style. It was always too daring to do with my bio hair when I had it, so I never did. Now I have the ability to purchase this style and put it in my rotation of wigs I love to wear. Have I mentioned that I just LOVE changing my hair style daily?! I think I will need this in a good blonde as well. I have never tried RH1488RT8 from Estetica Designs so this looks like a good one to try it out on!

Ellen Wille: Fame

This style has me so INTRIGUED! I have been itching for a short style with choppy long layers that I can play with and this just might scratch that itch for me. It’s difficult to find any reviews of this style out there, but there needs to be! This style looks like it will be fun, gorgeously messy, and easy to wear. I can’t wait to get my hands (covered in BeautiMark Shaping Crème) all over this wig! Another reason why I am excited about this wig? The fact that Ellen Wille is the designer. All my favorite wigs are from Ellen Wille. They have the BEST (the very best) lace fronts and the most realistic density out of all the wigs I have tried. I think I need this in either Dark Chocolate Mix or Pastel Blonde Rooted….or both? A girl can have both right? What is your vote?

Gabor: Radiant Beauty

I just can’t get this one out of my head! I could never (ever) achieve this kind of curl when I had bio hair….at least without a perm, which would have been, er, permanent. The curly and wavy texture of this wig just looks fabulous and fun! I am not going to lie, this was on my wish list last year too, but it never happened. Maybe 2018 will be my lucky year? I think a darker shade in GL29-31SS Rusty Auburn would be the way for me to go on this one.

Ellen Wille: Cascade

Ahh, a girl can dream right? I don’t yet own any Remy human hair wigs. If I did, this would be my first choice! This long human hair wig makes me think of my long bio hair that I used to have. I feel like this wig would be ultra-luxurious with the long gorgeous hair and the premium cap features. Who wouldn’t want the luxury of this wig on their head, honestly? I would go with Mocca Rooted on this one to take me back to my bio hair days!

Well there you have it. You have seen into my innermost desires this year for wigs!  These, along with any new collections released throughout the year are at the very TOP of my list!


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