Best Wigs For Summer

Best Wigs For Summer

Trends are constantly evolving and the beauty world is the largest and most visible platform for these shifts; especially as the seasons change. Living in the south, we are now in the full throngs of summer, and it feels like the perfect time to do something a little different. Thankfully, we have wigs and can change up our look without commitment! 



There are several new trends about to hit the hair color world this summer, but there are three that I have seen popping up that have become my latest obsessions!

Shades of Gold

This color is one of the most versatile and workable for people of any age or color. While blonde hues went drastically warmer in 2017, the golden spectrum should not be neglected this summer! Whether you are adding a bit of gold to brighten your blonde, or some golden flecks to add dimension and shine to a brunette look, golden hues will be the champion of the summer. Gold can be both warm and cool toned, making it perfect for any skin tone. 



Voltage by Raquel Welch in R25 | Ginger Blonde. This short cut will help keep you cool in the summer heat!


Caramel Hues

This style is particularly flattering for those who are planning to get a bit of a glow on their skin this summer or those with red, auburn, or brunette hair. Though caramel is a delicious sweet, it can also be the perfect solution to any dull or tired color style you may have. 


Arrow | Synthetic Lace Front Wig (Mono Part)

Arrow by Ellen Wille in CARAMEL LIGHTED | Dark Honey Blonde Base with Gold Blonde Highlights on the top only, darker nape


Acid Dreams

Technicolor has always been a secret obsession - just take a look at my wig storage and you will see what looks like a box of Crayola crayons. A few weeks ago, I saw entertainer extraordinaire Alicia Keys debuting her technicolor box braids in pink, purple, and teal hues. They were gorgeous and - while it gives off a festival-esque vibe - these colors made me immediately think of summer days relaxing on the beach. For those who are looking for a bold change, Hairdo's 16" Human Hair Extension Strips are the perfect choice!


Hairdo Color Extensions

16" Human Hair Clip in Color Strips by Hairdo | Shop


One of the biggest issues in summer can be the dry, dull hair after the winter months. But these brightening, dimension full colors can be the perfect solution to any dull hair concerns.

Please note*: Our guest writers share their opinions and experiences and we appreciate them! 

What are your favorite summer wigs? 
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