Lighten Up . . . Absolutely Everyone Can Be A Blonde!

Lighten Up . . . Absolutely Everyone Can Be A Blonde!

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a blonde? For those of you who are certain you could never pull off going blonde…This one's for you!   Shopping for Blonde Wigs  can be daunting if you are not sure which blonde is right for you.   


Pixie Wig Winner by Raquel Welch


No…This is not a misprint…EVERYONE can be a blonde! It's just a matter of finding that right shade for you.

Every hair color has a warm or a cool tone to it. You just have to figure out what works best for your skin. Find out your specific tone with our Color Temperature video!




The best way to figure out what blonde you can rock is with wigs. There's zero chemical commitment and all the freedom to try any shade of hair color you're curious about.  

Which Blonde Wig Is The Best For Me?

If your skin tone has a more olive/yellow/orange base to it... you may be better as a cooler blonde. This means ashier (less gold or yellow in the blonde) or cooler blondes will compliment your skin tone best!  if you are more pink undertones with red or blue base in your pigment... you will probably get best results from the goldy more yellowy blondes.  Then there are those who can pull off any shade of blonde... Lucky you!  


Strawberry Blonde Wigs for Black Women


Wigs not only make it easy to change up your hairstyle, but give you so much freedom with color too! The chemical treatment to keep a gorgeous bombshell blonde color is pretty harsh on your natural hair. A wig will give you the perfect color in a perfectly healthy hair style! 

Radiant Beauty by Eva Gabor, Curly Blonde Wig


Blonde wigs are the most popular wigs sold… Especially in the summertime!

Once you have figured out if you should go with warm/yellowy blondes or cool/Ashy blonde, you can now play with varying shades within that color temperature.

Human hair wigs or synthetic wigs will give you some gorgeous blonde hair colors to choose from. But if you're going for the vibrant hair color… You may want to go out with a synthetic wig. The synthetic fiber holds the vibrancy of color just a little more efficiently.


Blonde Lace Front Wig by Jon Renau

So go blonde this summer and do it without commitment or hassle. A blond wig could just be your answer!

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Do blondes really have the most fun? What shade do you love? Tell us below! :)


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