Bright Red Wigs

Bright Red Wigs

Guest blogger, Amy Johnson, is one of our community writers!

I remember back when I had a full head of hair, I enjoyed adding red highlights to my brunette hair. I always got compliments wherever I went. The unique glow of auburn, aubergine, or copper simply lights up a hairstyle!

However, with the fear of the chemicals in hair color, I stopped coloring my thinning hair and went all gray in my early 40s. I was a confusing mix of a young face and an aging head of hair. The people around me urged me to color my hair again, but I knew I would lose the few strands of hair I had left. So, I carried on looking old but feeling young. It was a contradiction and a constant source of sadness for me.

Fast forward about 12 years. When my son announced his engagement, the fear of dealing my hair for his wedding led me to wigs. I started out with a wig in my original bio color of dark brown. Then, I got a little braver with a highlighted brunette wig that I wore to his wedding. But, deep in my heart, I missed RED! Would I be able to pull this off at 53 years old after being gray for over a decade?

Enter “Open” by Ellen Wille in HotChilli Rooted. She was short and sassy, and brilliantly highlighted in dynamic tones of red. I posted a photo on Instagram and Facebook, and my post notifications lit up! I got so much praise and encouragement, it literally brought tears to my eyes. Responses like, “You look 30!” and “Sassy and classy!” dotted my social media feed.

Then, I got even braver! I was pulling off the shorter wigs, but could I wear my “hair” a little longer and not cross the line? I stuck with a style by Ellen Wille and chose Talent Mono as my next experiment. She is shoulder-length on me and has flippy ends that frame my lower face well. Again in HotChilli Rooted, she screamed fun, young, and fabulous!

My latest red hot “lady” is Violet by Estetica Designs in the vibrant color Vogue. WOW! Her shoulder-length beachy waves pair perfectly with the combination of the darkest brown and deep red blend. In the sun, this hottie is set on fire! She is absolutely stunning and makes me feel alive!


Bright Red Wigs

If donning a red-tressed style is something you’ve been contemplating, just take the plunge. Light up that room! Sure, there will be questions and compliments…simply answer them with confidence!

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