Can You Style Synthetic Wigs?

Can You Style Synthetic Wigs?

Are you considering which type of wig is best for you? The main types of wigs on the market are human hair, synthetic, and a blend of the two. Many clients prefer synthetic wigs for their affordable price and easy care. Today we will go over one of the most common synthetic questions, along with a few other helpful bits of information about your synthetic wig!


Can You Style Synthetic Wigs?


Styling Synthetic Hair: What You Need To Know About Heat


If you own a synthetic wig, there are several things you need to know. We will go over two types of synthetic wig, as well as several ways you can style each one. If you're looking for a new synthetic wig, check out our extensive selection of synthetic wigs!


Heat Friendly Synthetic Wigs


Certain types of synthetic wigs are known as heat friendly or heat resistant. These types of wigs can be styled with heat, but only to a certain extent. Be sure to follow the guidelines included with your specific wig.


Non-Heat Friendly Synthetic Wigs


Synthetic wigs that aren’t heat friendly or heat resistant should NEVER be styled with heat. Using any level of heat on these wigs will destroy them. Even the heat from a steaming pot or opening the oven can ruin this type of synthetic.


Styling Synthetic Wigs Without Heat


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As with your bio hair, it is always best to use heat sparingly, regardless of heat resistance. With that in mind, here are some great ways to style a synthetic wig without heat, as well as some care tips. Sometimes something as simple as sweeping the bangs to the side can give a fresh new appearance to your favorite synthetic wig.


Use a Spray Bottle


Fill a spray bottle with water to revitalize frayed hairs, and to reduce frizz. Sounds counterintuitive, but synthetic hair responds wonderfully to water, which helps it spring back to its original style.


Styling with a Cut


If you have a talent for haircuts, you can style your wig permanently with a pair of sharp shears. However, if the idea is a bit scary, speak with a professional stylist that has experience cutting synthetic wigs.


Hair Spray


Using a synthetic safe hair spray, you can sculpt your wig into a tousled or textured look, great for creating a beach wave aesthetic.


Care Tips


  • Never brush your wig while it is wet. When the wig is wet, it is at its most vulnerable, so wait until it is dry to brush it.
  • Use the right products. For synthetic styles, be sure to use appropriate care products to ensure the longevity of your wig.
What your favorite synthetic wig tips? Tell us below in the comment section!

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