Wigs and Makeup

Wigs and Makeup

Catherine Lartigue, one of our community ambassadors, runs her own online blog and YouTube channel, both titled 'atypical60'.

Every day is so much fun for me because with wigs not only can I change up my hair, but I can change up my entire look.. with makeup! It’s true.  With my darker hair, I go for more cool-toned neutrals and with my lighter hair, the warmer neutrals are what I go for.  It’s funny too, because neutral makeup does run the gamut. 


Warmer makeup for a warmer colored wig.

My foundation always stays within two or three shades of “fair”.  But that’s about it! With lighter hair, I go for the more peachy-toned shadows and with darker, the deeper taupe shades with a surprise in liners.  Sometimes I’ll even wear a white liner and Stila makes a great one! 


Different look for a blonder head of hair

But the real fun lies in creating your own palettes!  Mac offers over a hundred shades of shadows that you can add to an empty palette and I’ve got a couple of them that I absolutely love! 

The eyes really have it when the hair color changes.  One of my favorite palettes is by Morphe--35 shades of neutrals ranging from the warmest warm to cool tones on the warmer side.  Morphe also has a smaller palette with cooler shadows too.

I keep both coral and pink blushes ---the pink with darker hair and the coral for lighter.  If you contour, consider a warmer shade for lighter hair and a more taupe color for the days when you are wearing darker hair.


A cooler lip for a darker head of hair

Lipstick?  Well…. that’s another story!  Back in the day when I was much, much younger, I loved a bright red or a deep burgundy.  But as I’ve aged, I find that the dark lip colors are no longer flattering.  And so, I keep it simple with light pinks, mauves and light caramel choices!

So, remember!!  Before you put that gorgeous head of hair on your head, have fun with your makeup for the day!! 


 'Hair's' to you, Cathe!

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