Celebrity Hair Updos | How-To

Celebrity Hair Updos | How-To

Ever since Ariana Grande stepped out onto the red carpet with her signature high ponytail, the discussion of celebrities wearing hair extensions and other hair pieces began! What before was a hidden secret is now discussed openly to let fans see the behind the scenes and learn that celebrity hair goals are actually a lot more achievable than we may have previously believed. Below are three celebrity updos that can be created with hair pieces that will have you ready for any occasion!


Celebrity Hair Updos | How-To


Zendaya’s Top Knot

If you are looking for something to keep your hair up and off of your face and neck this summer, a top knot is the perfect way to go. To start, pull your hair or monofilament wig back and slick it down with a loose hold gel. Then, wrap a small section of hair around the high ponytail to create a full, voluminous top knot. Secure with some pins and add either a finishing spray or a light hold hairspray to keep flyaways in check throughout your day!


Zendaya Top Knot


Chrissy Teigen's Loose Wavy Ponytail

This is one of the most common, but also most iconic extension updo’s. It is simplistic, romantic, and perfect from the red carpet to a daytime excursion. Begin by pulling hair up into a sleek mid-pony. Tease the front of your hair for some volume and pull out two strands on either side to frame your face - this is the only part that has to be super exact so that you don’t look lopsided. You can achieve this look with a 14" frontal and two 16" bundles of straight hair in your desired color.


Chrissy Teigen


A Celebrity Staple, The Braided Headband

A thousand and one celebrities have tried this look and it is going to be a style that takes this summer by storm. Begin by creating a long and tousled look. You can do this on both bio-hair and heat-friendly wigs!

How it’s done: start by curling hair with a small barrel iron (1 inch to an 1 ½ depending on hair thickness). Then brush out the curls to a cascading wave and spray with flexi-hold hairspray, nothing too heavy duty. 

Now it’s time to get that braided headband look. Pulling the hair up - securing it with a claw clip (size up to your discretion based on hair thickness) - leave out the ends for a bit of a messy look (optional). Now here is the celebrity hack: simply slip on a fake braided hair headband and pull out a couple of face-framing pieces to help frame the face.


Double Braided Headband | Synthetic Headband

We love the Double Braided Headband by Christie Brinkley!


What are your favorite Celebrity Updos?

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