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Cheers To Wigs!

Cheers to a fresh new year!  Can you believe it is 2018?  What happened to 2017?  Didn’t it go by in a blink of an eye?!  The new year always brings a renewing of our ways.  Reassessing our life and our habits is a common occurrence and I don’t know about you, but it can leave me feeling like I lacked discipline or I missed out on ‘doing it right’! 

Who wants to start the year off this way?  New Year resolutions are lots of pressure and I would prefer to think of a new year like when we were in school...No matter the grades you got, from last semester, you start off new with all As at the beginning of this semester!  I like to think 2018 is much the same.  We are all starting off with an A in every subject.  Now…the trick is to keep the A…or maybe Bs! 😉


Sienna by Jon Renau


A fresh new start means a fresh new attitude. Time to count your blessings and enjoy what you have and not focus on what you don’t.  Gym or no gym… you can look better quickly by giving your self a little pick me up hair do. Try a new look (or new color… red hair is so in this season!) and give yourself a update!  It doesn’t have to be a new hair style, although wigs and hair pieces are the simplest way to change up your look without much commitment or effort.  You can also go for a new makeup look.  (I was inspired by Angelina Jolie’s new cat winged eyeliner effect...a very subtle but dramatic effect to widen the eyes). Or go shopping for one new power outfit that makes you feel great!   Whatever the upgrade…make one!


Wig With Braids by Envy Wigs


Of course, here at Wigs.com, we are all convinced that a new do is key to adding a little confidence to your day. I love having perfect hair and really love it when it is a change of color!  It doesn’t cure all my problems but it sure does give me a boost. This year I am committed to trying new styles.  I have my staple 6 or 7 go to styles (mostly synthetic by the way… I am pretty fond of not having to do much styling! 😜 ) but have decided to only try new arrivals this year...I will let you know how that goes.  Honestly, I am excited to revamp my wig wardrobe too!

So take a new approach to this new year… Don’t commit to resolutions and restrictions that will likely make you feel like you aren’t doing it right or enough!  Take a fresh look by putting one on.  Make small changes and celebrate the little victories as you go. Happy and thankful have a way of making the air around you light and breezy!  We truly hope you try it and face the new year with your head held just a little higher…Cheers!


What are your Wearable Hair New Year's Resolutions? Let us know in the comments below!

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