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Color Confusion?... Finding the Right Color for Wigs

Recently, I have fallen in love with wigs (See past blog post) and I'm now a very regular wig wearer. I'm really proud to wear wigs and don't want to hide it. This gives me the freedom to explore different styles and colors.…COLORS… what an interesting journey learning about colors and how to match what I'm looking for with what I see in those color swatches! Maybe you don't want to have several colors, but finding that ONE can still be challenging.

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As I started to explore colors other than the one God gave me, I found some worked really well… Maybe even better than my own original color. However, I also found just like in lipstick colors, some may be beautiful to look at but not flattering at all on me (determined to find a coral lip color I can pull off!)

Different Colored Wigs

So I did some research. It seems not knowing exactly how to pick a color for my wigs or picking the wrong color is quite common. COLOR CONFUSION is an official condition if you ask me! As I was choosing most of my colors online and having them shipped to me, I needed to figure out how to minimize the mistakes. Don't you hate having to return? So here's what I came up with:

  • Understand how color works. I've always heard the terms "warm tones and cool tones" but never completely grasped how that worked and especially in relation to choosing color for me. So this was my first task. It turns out once you understand which tones are best for your skin tone… You can be a blonde, brunette, or redhead and look so natural! Before learning this I never thought I could pull off being a blonde but it turns out there are several blonde colors that look great on me... But still can't figure out a coral lipstick that works for me )-;
  • Pick your partner then your color. Every brand has their own group of colors and naming conventions. It's important you pick the style/brand you would like BEFORE you attempt to choose the color. 
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  • Go Natural! I don't mean go with your natural/original hair color...geez what a hypocrite I'd be! I mean choose a color which makes your wig look completely natural. Rooted colors are my #1 tip for giving the most natural look. Even a subtle darker root will do the trick! If you just can't get used to the idea of the rooted look, make sure to choose a blended color as they give more depth to the hair. A solid color has a tendency to look less natural. This doesn't mean you can't go with a bold color. One of my favorites is an auburn rooted color that is very bold.... but it is rooted ;)

  • Change your color to match the seasons. Our wardrobe changes with the seasons… why shouldn't our color? Go richer deeper colors for winter and brighter or lighter versions in spring/summer. There really are no rules but it gives you a great opportunity to change it up. 
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  • Have fun with it! Wigs are nothing more than the opportunity for perfect hair if you don't have it! That's it. Everyone who knows this is wearing them. You'd be shocked to know how many women wear wigs! So have fun with it. Each one of us can pull off several colors which look great. Find yours. Don't think you're brave enough to try new colors? Pick a place where you can go to try out a completely different color (good excuse for a little vacay!) and you'll see... it's amazing what a little color change does for you!

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Hi Debra,

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you which box color best matches Rene of Paris’s Coffee Latte. It has a dark brown and a honey brown, so if your hair has some dimension, hopefully, it will capture both shades.

We are sorry we couldn’t be more helpful. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

The Wig Experts

Recently purchased a topper in coffee-lattee Rene of Paris. I have similar color with gray but want to match my color to the topper. Can you recommend what box color I could use? I usually use Natural Instincts by Clairol.

Debra Stephenson

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