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Wigs With Dark Roots

I think everyone has that one friend who would run to the salon the moment they saw their roots were coming in. I mean honestly, did anyone think that dark roots would actually be a hair trend? Yeah, me either... but dark roots can actually look beautiful with any hair color you can imagine: from light to dark hues! The rooted hair trend has been seen all over social media and worn by our favorite celebrities in a full range of different styles. 


Wigs With Dark Roots

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Natural Wigs With Darker Roots

The real reason why this trend has been so popular is because it allows anyone to experiment with any hair color they want without it looking too unnatural especially for those who wear wigs. For example, someone who has black hair wouldn’t want to just plop a platinum blonde wig on and call it a day, instead they would go for a platinum blonde wig that had about one to two inches of black or brunette roots so that the wig could blend more naturally with their actual hair color.

Now lets say we aren’t talking about wigs and someone is looking to dye their natural hair a cool pastel color such as lavender, if their hair is naturally a light brunette color it could actually look better to do a rooted hair look versus trying to do lavender from root to tips. Not only would it look beautiful, it will look even cooler as the roots grew out giving the hair that beautiful ombré look. Besides the appearance, rooted hair is seen more on blondes because it is safer to leave your roots free of bleach and other chemicals needed to go fully blonde.


Long Purple Wig

The long lilac colored wig is tipped and topped with a darker root to make it bold but believable.


With that in mind, wigs are the best option when going blonde or any other color for that matter. Like mom always said, “safety first!” and that’s exactly what we all should consider when It comes to doing anything new to our hair. It goes without saying, a wig will help keep your hair safe and protected from damaging hair dyes on your natural hair.

So, you may as well try a new color along with the rooted hair trend on a wig the next time you want to switch up your hair style. Whether you go with a waist length long wig or a long bob, dark roots will look good with any style you choose. Even when wearing styles like a high bun or the “half up, half down” hairstyle, dark roots give your overall look some depth and cool street style vibes.

There is no need to wonder anymore if you can actually pull off blue, purple, pink, or blonde hair, the answer is yes you can! You will get more compliments then any other hairstyle you’ve had and it may even turn into your favorite look yet. Most of our favorite celebrities are rocking wigs with the rooted hair trend for convenience, style, and for the protection of their natural hair; all of which are reasons for us to consider this as our next hair story. So, be bold! Dive into the world of fun colors and dark roots, it just may be your best look yet.


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