Switch up your look | Rene of Paris Wigs

Switch up your look | Rene of Paris Wigs

Today, I stood in front of my closet, really giving my wardrobe a once-over. With spring and warmer weather knocking at my door, it was time to consider my spring options. After glancing at every blouse, tank top, dress, and skirt, I came to one conclusion: I need an overhaul.
Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with anything in my closet. Still, it all feels very “been there, done that,” and now I want to try something new.
We can feel the exact same way about our wigs as well. Your wig collection contains faithful favorites that you still adore, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to switch it up. In a new series of guides, we’ll go brand by brand and list some inspiration for those times you need to spice it up.
In today’s guide, we’ll go over some Rene of Paris favorites!



If you love Cameron by Rene of Paris

Cameron is a fantastic wig, so bravo. It’s a modern bob with shaggy layers. It has a stylish wispy bang that can be styled into a trendy curtain bang.

But… you wanna go shorter: Anastasia by Rene of Paris 

While Cameron grazing the shoulders, Anastasia keeps it at chin level. Beyond that, both wigs are similarly styled, right down to the wispy bang.
Or if you wanna go longer: Scorpio PM by Rene of Paris

On the other hand, you want more length, not less. No problem. Scorpio PM has the same style and vibes as Cameron, with about 3 more inches of hair (Cameron’s 6.5” versus Scorpio’s (9.75”).


If you love Tori by Rene of Paris

We love Tori too! This Rene of Paris wig is a sexy angled bob that is full of attitude.  It has a bold straight-across bang and tapered back.

But… you wanna go shorter: Angie by Rene of Paris 
Tori and Angie’s length differences are small but significant. Tori is 7” from the crown, 4” from the front, and 2” from the nape. Angie measures at 3.9”, 7.08”, and 1.6” for the crown, front, and nape, respectfully.

Or if you wanna go longer: Scorpio PM by Rene of Paris 

We are bringing out the Scorpio again! It’s a great look that matches the style of Tori, but adds length. Scorpio has about 2 additional inches over Tori.


If you love Coco by Rene of Paris

Coco is a sweet textured short style. The bangs are closer to a Birkin style, hitting right at your eyebrows. Coco is face-framing, but keeps the length above the chin at 5”.

But… you wanna go shorter: Samy by Rene of Paris
Shorter than 5”? We got you covered. Samy is also a short cut, but venturing more into pixie territory. You only get 4” of hair with Samy, but it looks so cool when spiked up.
Or if you wanna go longer (in the bangs): Tyler by Rene of Paris
Coco does have a wispy bang, but if you want a even longer and thicker bang, try Tyler. This wig isn’t longer than Coco, but the bang is fuller.


If you love Bailey by Rene of Paris

Bailey, Bailey, Bailey. This Rene of Paris is a lovable shaggy look. The wispy bang measures about 3.5”, but the rest of the wig measures 6.5”.
But… you wanna go shorter: Kourtney by Rene of Paris

Bailey is a shoulder-length look. For something closer to the chin, Kourtney is the shaggy layered look you want.
Or if you wanna go longer: Jade by Rene of Paris

Who doesn’t love a long shag cut? Jade beats Bailey’s 6.5” with 9” tresses.
Do you have any different suggestions for switching it up with Rene of Paris wigs? Let us know your ideas in the comments!

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