Drag Queen Wigs

Drag Queen Wigs

Drag Queen Style | The Royal Treatment 

When it comes to drag queen style, there is one simple concept that constantly reigns supreme; go big or go home. And there ain’t no way a drag queen is going home before getting that crown. So you better believe, they’re going to go big. Drag queen style is famous for exuding showstopping confidence and a fabulous flair for living to the fullest. Whether you’re drag queen royalty or merely a fan of their fabulous style matters not; we can all benefit from reading a page or two out of the drag queen beauty bible. So here’s a crash course in drag queen style 101!


 Drag Queen Wigs


Wigs for Drag Queens

When attempting to create full and fabulous hair, no one knows the drill better than a drag queen. Often times the best way to create this full and flowing look is to opt for a wig. When considering which wig best suits your inner queen, always remember, the bigger the better! Go for your classic color or have a little fun and do some teasing on some long lilac locks. After all, you can pull it off- you’re the Queen!

Once you’ve found your perfect wig, don’t hesitate to tease away and go heavy on the hairspray. Try a teasing comb for killer volume and BeautiMark Flex-Hold Hairspray for seriously long-lasting style.

Drag Queen Hairspray

Drag Makeup 

Drag queen makeup pretty much makes the rest of the world look pretty drab by comparison. Drag queens have mastered the fine art of make-up and have more than just a few tips and tricks up those glittery sleeves. When it comes to drag queen makeup, the beauty bible is clear… “Contour, contour, and then contour some more.” We simply cannot emphasize this drag queen makeup must enough! In order to get that uber feminine and polished drag queen look, your going to need to carve those cheekbones, shape that nose, and structure that jawline.


Drag Queen Outfits

When choosing a garment fit for a queen, go for glitz, glimmer and glamour! Rock a long and form-fitting elegant gown that’s got some sparkle, shine, and shimmer to showcase your royal assets! Finish your look off with some super sky-high stilettos, and last but certainly not least- don’t forget your crown! But we already know- you’d never leave the palace without it.

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