Features & Benefits of Different Wig Caps and Lace Frontal

Features & Benefits of Different Wig Caps and Lace Frontal

Different cap designs focus on providing the wearer one or more of the following benefits: adding volume at the crown, providing multi-directional parting, providing a more natural hairline, mimicking natural hair growth, or allowing scalp cooling and comfort. Some caps combine two or more of these benefits in one design. When searching for the right cap, it is important to be clear about which of these benefits are most important for you.

Different Types of Wig Caps

  • Traditional Cap: fully wefted cap with a closed crown. This design is best for those looking to add volume at the crown.
  • Open cap: fully wefted cap with open panels in the crown for superior ventilation. This lightweight cap design provides maximum scalp cooling.
  • Monofilament: allows multi-directional parting, giving the appearance of natural growth. The exclusive Jon Renau’s double monofilament design adds a secondary shear silk-like layer offering the wearer superior comfort.
  • Lace Front/Open Cap: combines the benefits of a natural hairline and superior ventilation for cooling and comfort.
  • Lace Front/Monofilament: combines the benefits of a natural hairline and multi-directional parting throughout the mono top. Jon Renau’s SmartLace design offers a welded lace front that is ready to wear right out of the box; no adhesives or cutting needed.
  • Lace Front/100% Hand Tied: the lace front provides a natural hairline, while the hand tied design mimics natural hair growth and movement throughout the wig. The hand tied structure also provides a unique 4” stretch section for ultimate comfort.
  • Monofilament/100% Hand Tied: while the monofilament design allows multi-directional parting, the hand tied area mimics natural hair growth and provides movement throughout. Similar to the previous design, the hand tied area provides a 4” stretch for ultimate comfort.


Cap Design & Benefits

Why do hand tied caps and wigs continue to grow in popularity? Because:

  • Each hair is individually hand tied (ventilated), creating the appearance of natural growth and movement.
  • The 100% hand tied stretch section allows for 360° of stretch throughout the cap without losing its shape.
  • Hand tied wigs can fit a petite-average up to an average-large head size.


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