5 Flattering Blonde Shades that Look Good on Everybody

5 Flattering Blonde Shades that Look Good on Everybody

They say blondes have more fun, but is it true? If you’ve never dared to go light, you can’t be sure! Maybe you’ve been waiting for a sign or something - I get it! Consider this your sign.
If your wig collection is a sea of brunette, it’s time to throw in some platinum or gold. If you dive into blonde waves headfirst with no preparation though, you might end up regretting it. Every single woman can pull off blonde, but it’s a matter of which shade. You don’t want to wash out your complexion or look unnatural.
For blonde beginners, consider this list of five shades of blonde that look good on everybody. No, really! These shades of honey, platinum, and ashy blonde are universally flattering and will turn anyone into a blonde bombshell!
To cover all the bases, our list includes the most flattering blonde shade from five of the major brands sold at Wigs.com, so you’ll have the perfect option for you no matter what brand you love!

Jon Renau

For our Jon fans, we have the best-selling Venice Blonde. This hue comes straight from the California Blondes collection, a series of beachy flaxen tresses. You can find these colors in both synthetic and human hair pieces.

Venice Blonde (22F16S8) is a natural seamless blend of ash blonde and natural blonde that is shaded with medium brown.


Raquel Welch

If you’d like to add another Raquel Welch piece to your collection (and who wouldn’t?), check out one in the Shaded Wheat color.
Shaded Wheat (SS14/22) takes its inspiration from endless fields of golden wheat. It’s a mix of golden dark blonde and platinum with dark roots.

Ellen Wille

We know we have some Ellen Wille fanatics out there! For a blonde Ellen Wille wig, go with Caramel Rooted. You can get several of our new arrivals in this hue!
Caramel Rooted is warm, much like a tasty caramel macchiato. The base is a blend of medium and light gold blondes with light brown roots for a natural look.

Rene of Paris


For a little touch of European flair, why not try a Rene of Paris wig? A piece from one of their award-winning collections in a stunning blonde is a sure winner.
Creamy Toffee R is the shade for you. It’s a dark root with a blend of platinum blonde and light honey blonde for a warm and flattering hue.


Those with a preference for the classic and timeless might find their perfect match in a Gabor wig. Gabor’s effortless wigs pair so well with golden blonde hues.
Buttered Biscuit looks as delicious as it sounds. Take a moment and think of a pan of biscuits, coated in butter, straight out of the oven. Picture that beautiful golden color of the biscuits.

The Gabor hue of Buttered Biscuit is a beautiful medium blonde with gold highlights.

What’s your favorite shade of blonde? Share it with us in the comments!


I love the color Silversun RT8 by Estetica brand. My favorite synthetic wig’s with basic cap are Ellen & Deena.

Kathleen Austin

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