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Colored Wigs - The Latest Hair Trends for 2017

Posted on January 25 2017

Ready to make a statement with your hair but not ready to do something drastically abuse your hair with chemicals?  There is a perfect solution if you want to jump on board with the fun color hues trend.  This big trend never completely seems to go away but this season it seems to be making a big wave everywhere with all ages and types of women (and men!)  Celebrities from Jennifer Lopez to all the Kardashians are all experimenting with fun colors in their hair.  The chemical beating on the hair and cost to have our hair color changed so often is hard to take for us mere mortals.  The solution…. Wigs!  Even the celebs are clued in to this beauty secret.  Perfect hair and now in fun colors…Priceless!

Colored wigs are the ultimate way to spice up your look and have fun with the trend. We are seeing color everywhere and many of them are wigs.  And the quality has been stepped up to look like salon results.  No cheap halloween look for you with these high quality colored wigs.  So many fun great colors to choose from to rock this spring and summer it will be hard to choose.  Maybe you don’t have to!

Whiteout wig by Hairdo | Platinum Hair Color

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Icy platinum is dominating the cool new color trend.  Platinum hair first made its way to the hit list last year after being all the rage in Europe, but this white hot trend is not showing any signs of slowing down.  Gorgeous white platinum hair is a bold and beautiful statement.  it is oh so cool!  Here is a tip for the best look:  make sure you incorporate darker roots to keep your look from coming across costumey.


midnight berry wig by hairdo

One of our favorite colors this year is known by several different names but we call it blackberry or midnight berry.  This color is a beautiful mix of burgundy and a rich purple. This color compliments most any skin tone and looks great with everything!  The midnight berry wig is stunning in both cut and color.  this style will not disappoint. 


Nocturnal Wig by Forever Young

Vibrant reds are still all the rage for color options.  Celebs all over are rocking red in every shade.  every single woman can wear red.  You just need to find the right shade or shades for you. We love a great red wig.  Go wild with a bright red or be a little more subtle in a vibrant auburn. This is a great ‘go to’ color in any hue to make your mark.  Go for it… be a va va voom ginger!

Lets face it, Ombre is a pricey look to get as you definitely need a pro to do it.  It is typically done with blonde tips but the latest wave of ombre color you will see among the stars is a more subtle approach.  Warm more natural roots to a warm lighter brunette tipped end.

Nicole Wig by Jon Renau | ombre color

Chocolate ombre is rich and brown with a twist to the traditional ombre gives it a fresh update and will give you a completely new outlook on style!  


Cher Wig by Ellen Wille

Natural Black

More and more hollywood is now rife with this dark rich color.  gone is the Goth Black color we saw in the past years… thank goodness!  this black is much more natural and the stark dark tone is so flattering for anyone.  It is so much less harsh and so much more appealing and it works on absolutely any skin tone.  


Lilac Frost Wig by Hairdo

My favorite you ask?  ok… so you didn’t ask, but i think this color just has to be mentioned.  Lilac.  This etherial color is just so gorgeous and is understated (as unconventional colors go).  And such a more grown up alternative to that teeny bopper pink we saw everywhere in the last few years.  Completely feminine with a little bit of an edgy twist.  if softly standing out is a goal, lilac is the way to go.  


Bennett by Rene of Paris

Never again whine “i can’t do a thing with my hair!”.  Take advantage of the better quality of candy colored wigs.  You can do it just like the celebs.  Be a hair chameleon everyday or just on those special days when you want to stand out.  But play and enjoy 2017’s hottest trend for hair.  Go ahead… have hair to dye for.  it will change everything!

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Tell us what you think of the newest color trend for hair.  We would love to see your comments below: 


  • The Wig Experts: April 11, 2017


    We think so too! Color can be for anyone, not just younger women! Thanks for your comment!

  • Roses1: April 08, 2017

    Beautiful lilac and berry colors! … I hope more and more older ladies get on the bandwagon and wear these.

  • Jill: January 27, 2017

    Love colored wigs, they are fun and look great.

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