Getting Your Sweat on with Your Wig On

Getting Your Sweat on with Your Wig On

At the beginning of a New Year, everyone is looking to start fresh. If one of your goals for this year included working out more, you might be fretting about meeting that goal in a wig. We don’t believe wigs should hold you back, however. If you can do an activity without a wig, you can do it with one too!
This post will give you some quick advice on how to work out while wearing a wig. There are a lot of articles out there about the subject - we even have a YouTube video about it. We aren’t settling for the tried and true “skip the wig and wear a scarf suggestion though. A headscarf, for some, feels like a flashing neon light: “Look here! I have no hair!”
Instead, we’re going to focus on how to hit the gym and keep your wig on. The secret to a successful sweat lies in the preparation.
 Tabu Wig by Ellen Wille
First, if have one, opt for a short wig. If you don’t have to bother with keeping hair out of your face, it’s just easier. Likewise, a synthetic wig is best because such fiber tends to be lighter weight than human hair fiber. Hand-tied wigs and capless wigs will be the most comfortable.
As you’re considering your wig collection, do you have an old wig? Maybe one you’ve taken out of your general rotation. Take that wig and designate it as your gym wig. Since workouts make you sweat, the wig you wear will require more frequent washings. It’s best to not subject your favorite wig to that.
Okay, but what if you don’t own a short wig and you have your heart set on hitting the gym in a long wig? Not a problem! With a long wig, pull the strands back into a low ponytail or a braid. A low style like that helps prevent any exposure of the wig’s cap.
Second, you need to secure the wig underneath. There are many products that can help with keeping a wig on, such as WigSecure by Amy Gibson or the Headliner No Sweat liner. 
For the best wig preparation, it’s best to customize to your exercise of choice. If you enjoy jogging outdoors and don’t need a full wig for the job, try Hat Magic by Jon Renau. It’s a hair addition intended to be worn under hats. The hat helps secure the hair and has the added benefit of keeping the sun out of your eyes.
If you’re more of a gym person, you might frequent group classes. I’m a barre girl myself. Barre is based on ballet and is relatively low-impact. It consists of a lot of squats and lunge movements. For an activity like barre or pilates, a low ponytail should suffice.
If your favorite class is yoga, you might need a bit more than a ponytail. Yoga tends to be low impact, but positions like downward dog are an opportunity for a loose wig. For the yogis out there, opt for something like Wig Secure and an elastic headband.
 Codi by Amore
Low impact is fun and all, but what about those high-impact classes? We’re talking about the real heart-pounding stuff - CrossFit, kickboxing, and, of course, high-interval training (HIIT). Pull out all the stops: the wig grips, the headbands, and confidence! 
What about the sweat though? Intense workouts mean serious sweat and that can make any wig uncomfortable. During a particularly strenuous workout, you might feel like ripping that wig off.
So do it. That’s the secret. You can take a break from an exercise class, consequence-free. Whenever you need to slip off your wig for some air circulation, step outside to the restroom. This is a tactic I often utilize - not just for my wig though. I do it because I need a moment of privacy to get my breathing normal again!

Do you hit the gym in your wig? Do you have any other tips? Share them with everyone in the comments!

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