Add Waves to Human Hair Wigs

How to Create Natural Texture and Waves to a Human Hair Wig or Topper

Human hair wigs give you the styling versatility to change your hairstyle as much as you change your mind! Go from smooth and straight one day to wavy and voluminous the next. Using a curling iron is the most common tool used to create waves, but have you tried adding waves to your human hair wig using the diffuser attachment on your hairdryer? This method is not as well known, but using this technique gives you the most natural, beachy waves. And, we're here to show you how to achieve the ever-popular loose wave look!


Note: this technique will create loose to tight waves, but it will not create curls. If you're looking for how to curl a human hair wig, watch our video on How To Style Human Hair Wigs.

First, let's gather our styling tools. You'll need:

  • - The canvas block head kit, which includes a wig clamp and T-pins
  • Wide tooth comb
  • - Water in a spray bottle
  • - BeautiMark's 3-in-1 Miracle Protect
  • - BeautiMark's Velvet Spray Gel
  • - Hairdryer with a hair diffuser attachment
    • -- A hair diffuser attachment allows the airflow to disperse through a wider area instead of a concentrated nozzle. What a hair diffuser does is helps dry curls and waves without disturbing the curl pattern. 
  • - Finishing hairspray

Let's Get Started!

1. Set Up Your Styling Station

Use the T-pins to pin your wig to your canvas block head. Ensure you do not pierce any lace or monofilament features, as this will damage the delicate material. Instead, we recommend placing the pins through the velvet material of the ear tabs and nape. 

2. Saturate Hair with Water

Use a spray bottle to saturate all the hair with water. Spray and work into hair until the hair is thoroughly wet but not dripping. 


3. Detangle

Unlike synthetic wigs, human hair is processed and colored, so the hair can tend to get dry. Give your human hair the extra love it needs by applying BeautiMark's 3-in-1 Miracle Protect before styling. This spray will detangle, moisturize, and provide heat protection to human hair wigs and toppers. Spray the 3-in-1 Miracle Protect before combing to help make detangling easier, but make sure to focus the spray on the hair and not the cap. Use a wide-tooth comb to remove tangles gently. Start detangling at the ends and work your way up to the roots while being careful around the cap and delicate features. For tough tangles, add more 3-in-1 Miracle Protect spray. 

4. Spray Gel 

We recommend using BeautiMark's Velvet Spray Gel to get a medium hold with minimal product for this beach wave look! Start by spraying a few squirts of Spray Gel in your palm and then warm between your hands. Then, start running your hands throughout the wig where you want your waves. We recommend focusing the product 1-2" below the top of the cap or root. For a cohesive look, we recommend applying the product all over your piece.

5. Scrunch Away

Loosely section the hair. Starting at the ends of the hair in one section, start scrunching the hair in your hands. Then, work your way to the roots of the hair. If you want tighter waves, add more Velvet Spray Gel until you achieve your desired wave pattern. Move and scrunch through all sections of the hair until you reach your perfect beachy waves.

6. Let's Diffuse

With the hair diffuser attachment added to your blow dryer, set your speed to low and your heat setting to warm/medium. Collect a manageable section of hair in your hand. Turn on the blow dryer and direct the diffuser's airflow to follow the direction of the hair towards the ends. Note: if you place your blow dryer against the hair shaft, you will create flyaways. Hold the dryer in place for only a few seconds. Once hair is dry, repeat the process throughout the other sections of the hair until you've covered the entire wig or topper.

Note: Hairdryer settings will vary depending on your hairdryer. We recommend starting low and slow. Turn your speed up if your hairdryer has very low airflow or once you have the hairdryer diffuser technique down.

7. Set & Go

Finish off your look with a light mist of hairspray to keep your waves in place all day. Now you're ready to take your beach waves on the go! Watch the video below for visual help on how to add the perfect beach waves to your human hair wig using a hair dryer diffuser.


Hi Susan,

The styling video has been added to the top of this blog! At 0:43, you can see this technique in action on a human hair wig.

The Wig Experts

I love having tutorials on styling and this is great information but, I wish you had included a video.


Wonderful. This would work on our biohair too. I will pick up some gel spray today!

Liz Lyons

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