Hair Toppers Show You’re Fashion Savvy & FUN!

Hair Toppers Show You’re Fashion Savvy & FUN!

There’s a cultural shift happening with hair that’s changing our image of how hair is “supposed to look.” As alternative hair becomes better quality and more affordable, people are letting themselves change hairstyles like they change outfits. And it’s fun!

Gone are the days of trying to hide signs that you’re wearing a wig. Now, celebrities post images of their various top pieces, hair toppers, hair extensions, and hair pieces on social media then ask followers which one she should choose that day.

Remy Human Hair Topper by Jon Renau


Hair Toppers for Thinning Hair and Fashion Wear

“The attitude towards extensions and wigs has completely and utterly changed,” says Sam McKnight, hairstylist for some of the most sought-after celebrities of the last 30 years, ranging from Princess Diana to Lady Gaga. In early 2017, McKnight announced to Allure magazine that a wig or hair piece is now an accessory. “In a way extensions have become a status symbol because it says, ‘Look what I can afford.’ It’s become like a handbag.”


Hair Topper by Raquel Welch spotted this massive trend years ago and has seen the demand rise like flood waters!  Now there is such a variety of Hair Toppers which are also called top pieces that range from - gorgeous, partial wigs that can simply boost volume, give a fresh look, or cover partial hair loss and thinning. Because toppers are not full wigs, they are lighter on your head and clip into strands of existing hair.  Also, the perfect solution for covering roots if you cant get to your hairdresser in time!


Hair Topper by Ellen Wille


Many women and men who try their first Top hair piece fall in love and wonder why they ever took the time to style and blow dry their hair in the first place. With toppers, you can just snap-in and go. Both synthetic or human hair comes in all shades, lengths, and styles. Go wavy one day, then clip in a different Hair Topper and go straight the next. Or change up your style by the week or month or for a special event. Wherever you go, whether its work, carpool or a holiday party, looking like you just stepped out of a dry bar with a fresh blowout is always a bonus!

For a quick guide as to how Hair Toppers are sized, and can blend with your hair best, take a look at our video:  



    When looking for a Hair Topper, what possibly began as a more desperate attempt to cover hair loss is now a joyful expression of your own creativity! Toppers let you step-up to the mirror then out into the world with an air of playfulness in just a matter of seconds!


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