Hairstyle Ideas

Hairstyle Ideas

Every year hair trends change and what was once cool becomes out of style almost overnight. But last year, we saw some major changes in the beauty world. Frustrated by trying to fit beauty standards, we saw influencers and stylists throwing up their hands and saying screw standards, and just be you! Makeup and Hair Care once were done to elicit a certain response socially; but now, doing your makeup and hair in a way that makes you feel good about yourself. 

Though there are emergent trends that still exist, we are seeing more and more people take the trends as inspiration and craft each one into their own special look.


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Hairstyle Trends:

  • Festival Season is upon us, and the best way to insert yourself into festival charm and a soft romantic look is to throw on a headpiece. Whether you want to keep the flower headband trend going, or if you want to throw in a metal crown or some studded pins, headpieces are an excellent way to take your look from 1 to 100 real quick.


Brushed Out Curls!
  • We all know that natural hair has become a great way to find your best self. If you have curly hair, just take a bit of cream or gel to lock in your curl structure and then once it is dry, take a brush and lightly brush out your curls. You know when you have really pretty ringlets, and then you just take a brush and start going to town? It’s a little frizzy, a lot romantic, and a beautiful idea for spring.


“Dirty Dancing” Curls!
  • Baby (aka Francis) had quite the iconic look in the Dirty Dancing film. While many were distracted by Patrick Swayze - for obvious reasons - I have always been obsessed with Jennifer Grey’s look. The hair was short and curly with just the right amount of bang. What really strikes me about this look is the curly fringe bangs. If you are looking for an easy way to change up your curls, take a lightweight gel or creme to lock in your curls and be sure that if you are going to attempt this bang look to not cut your hair yourself, but to find a curl specialist stylist to help you on your curl journey.


Hair Color Trends:

Peanut Butter and Jelly Hair?
  • Created by colorist Megan Schipani for a client who wanted to “keep it natural” but also wanted to show off her fun, bubbly personality, this clever two tone look features a golden blonde inspired by the color of peanut butter and shades of purple to evoke jelly. Something I will be saying about all of these looks is always work with a colorist when trying some of these trends so that you don’t end up with a color you didn’t want.


Color Bleed Hair
  • If you are worried about needing to keep your hair work appropriate, but you still want to keep the fun, this is the trend for you. With the roots being your natural darker color, whatever color you choose will “bleed” out of the roots as it cascades down the sides of your face. The key to keep this color look professional is all about styling. This looks great blown out, in pretty curls, pulled back in braids… this is the most versatile of all of the color looks.


Amethyst Roots Hair
  • If you are looking to have some fun, and you are already a platinum blonde (or looking to become platinum blonde), amethyst roots may be for you. Besides, we all know how tough that root grow-out can be, even if some consider that to be a current trend. Incorporating a color at the root extends time between touch ups - which is ultimately much healthier for your hair.


Rose Gold Hair
  • Rose gold hair is a pretty, ethereal shade of pink tinted blonde that is being seen on the heads of many millennial celebrities. It is so radiant, it lights up your whole look - even if you aren’t wearing makeup. It’s like highlight to brighten up your whole face!


What are your favorite hairstyle ideas?

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