How Can I Make My Wig Look More Natural?

How Can I Make My Wig Look More Natural?

Blending a wig with my natural hair or creating a natural looking hairline was for sure the hardest thing I had to learn when I first started wearing wigs on a regular basis. Now of course, one easy cheat at first was to accessorize my wig with a trendy hat so I wouldn't have to figure out where to set my hairline. But of course I needed more variety than that for daily use. Below I will discuss some tips and tricks as well as some specialized instructions for those who have hair loss.

Tips and Tricks for a Natural-Looking Wig

Many wigs when they are new tend to look very bright and shiny - and not that pretty “I just stepped out of the salon shiny”, but fake shiny. So what do you do? Well there are actually quite a few things you can do. One of my favorite tricks is using a colored dusting powder to either darker or lighten the overall wig color (especially at the roots) to cut down some of the shine and give it a more natural appearance. I love the Wig Wand by Jon Renau. And then if you are an extension wearer and you want them to look natural, the extensions need to blend with your natural hair. Conversely, if you want them to be bold, go for bright colors.

Hair Pieces

Hair pieces are a great way to add the extra boost that your natural hair needs. A good recommendation is to use hair toppers because they come in all different hair colors and styles so that you can match them with your own hair so they blend perfectly. This is especially good for people who have hair loss around their crown area. If your hair is thinning around the sides of your head or below your crown, you may want to try a fall or half wig. If you have thinning around your hairline, you should definitely try synthetic bangs.


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I absolutely love these because you can get that fresh fringe style without the dedication to a new cut. The best part about these are how seamlessly they blend to your natural hair.


Product Shown is Wine by Ellen Wille

If you are a first time wig wearer, I always suggest that ponytails are the place to start to kind of get your foot in the door. These literally couldn’t be simpler. They typically tie around a small bun of your natural hair and can give the illusion of that idyllic “Ariana Grande” ponytail. This is also a great way to experience with color and texture without having to do the work.

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Dear Shirley,

Lace Front pieces, when worn properly, result in an undetectable hairline giving the illusion that the wig hair is actually growing out of your own head. So it makes for a more natural-looking hairline when the hair is pulled back or away from the face.

With lace fronts, you also have more versatility to style it in different ways which also adds to the undetectable nature and natural look.

If you would like to learn more about Lace Front wigs and why they are AH-mazing, please use the link below:


The Wig Experts

I absolutely love the wig I received
I do have just one question though.
What is the purpose of the clear plastic on
The forhead?

Shirley A Greinke

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