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How Should I Store My Wig?

Posted on March 13 2019

Once you start getting a larger collection of wigs, you won’t be wearing the same wig every what do you do with the other styles while you aren’t wearing them? Proper storage is vital to extending the life of your wigs, so here are a few ways to correctly store your wigs to ensure that they remain in their prime condition.

First and foremost, you want to keep your styles away from sunlight, heat, or dust as much as possible.

  • For wigs that you wear more often, we suggest putting those on a wig stand or mannequin in a dry room where they can’t get ruined, such as your closet. This keeps them away from harm's reach since they are more likely to get damaged if you leave them out in the open.
Wig Head Stand
  • If you don’t have enough space for wig stands/heads or have too many wigs, we recommend investing in a wire rack to hold your styles. The rack will still keep your wigs safe while also allowing air to circulate through them, preserving their freshness.
  • If there are some styles that you just don’t wear as often anymore, you can keep them in a sturdy container or their original packaging and put them away for proper long-term storage. Before you stash them away for a long period of time, always make sure they are clean, untangled, and folded nicely.
  • If you plan on traveling with your wigs, use a durable portable container, like the Amy Gibson ResQ bags, to store your wig so that it doesn’t get crushed, tangled, or lose it’s shape in your suitcase. 
Wig Storage Bag

       Amy Gibson ResQ Bag

      If you follow these expert storage tips, then you will prolong the life of your wigs and get to wear your gorgeous styles even longer! 

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      • The Wig Experts: January 26, 2018

        Hello Pirjo!
        Sorry to hear you received the wrong color. I am directing you to our Customer Client Rep who will be able to assist you further.

        -The Wig Experts

      • Pirjo Amato: January 25, 2018

        I just received my topper and the girl sent me a brown one when I ordered a red. There is a tremendous difference between red and brown. I hope an exchange can be made without problems or refund.
        Very unhappy,

      • The Wig Experts: January 23, 2018

        Hi Vera!
        What a pleasant surprise!! You can try washing and styling with fingers or comb and letting dry on wig stand. If any are heat friendly they can use heating tools to style. You may also have to use products to help with that.

        I sent you an email as well. :)

        -The Wig Experts

      • Vera Aument : January 22, 2018

        I have just found a box of Jon Reanu synthetic wigs. They have been stored in hatbox, good condition in my closet. They have been in this box for more than 5 years. Consequently they have lost their original shape. How do I get them to their original shape?

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