How to Change the Part On a Wig

april 27, 2023

The method used to change the part on your wig depends on its fiber and cap design. Monofilament wigs will always be the easiest to work with since each hair is hand-tied onto the top which allows multidirectional parting. The part on human hair wigswill also be easier to change because natural hair is less stubborn than synthetic fiber. Follow our step-by-step guide for each fiber and you’ll be a pro at parting in no time!

Human Hair

Tools needed: water, spray bottle, wide tooth comb, wig brush and a blow dryer
  • Using a spray bottle, dampen the hair at the top of your wig, concentrating on the area where you would like to create your part

  • Create your part with your comb

  • Blow dry your part on medium heat and brush the hair in a downward motion, from root to ends, using your wig brush

Regular Synthetic

Tools needed: wide tooth comb, body heat (yes, that’s what we said!)
  • Create your part with your comb

  • Rub your hands together for 5 seconds to create heat

  • Press your hands down onto your part/top of the wig and hold for 10 seconds– this will soften the knots and help the hair lay in the new direction

*Expert tip* If your wig is not monofilament, you’ll need to use steam to change the part. If you aren’t comfortable with using a wig steamer at home, we recommend bringing your wig to someone who specializes in this customization!

Heat Friendly Synthetic

Tools needed: wide tooth comb, body heat, blow dryer

Simply follow the same steps mentioned above with regular synthetic and for extra hold, set your part with your blow dryer on medium heat. Because this fiber is heat-friendly, it can be styled with hot tools but be sure to avoid temperatures over 280° F. We also recommend using only a wide tooth comb because wig brushes tend to cause too much tension on the fiber which leads to frizzing.

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