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How To Fix a Bad, Short Haircut

Have you ever had a hair idea go terribly wrong? So wrong every time you think back on it, you cringe? Imagine being the person in the chair when a stylist heard the word “Shorter,” when cutting bangs, but what was really said was the word “Straighter.” Do you remember being young and experimenting with scissors and ending up with a chunk of hair missing? Do not worry, it happens to the best of us.

Common hair regrets are cutting the length too short, dying it the wrong color, using the wrong products, and causing too much heat damage. Rather than making an impulsive decision and cutting your hair: cut it an inch at a time. Wear it for a day or so, then decide if you would like to keep going shorter. Taking baby steps will help in the long run as opposed to making a bold cut you’ll regret. Dying your hair the wrong color really sucks, especially when it's a hard color to go back to. Apply baby steps and use transition colors.


How To Fix a Bad, Short Haircut


When using hair products don’t just grab the first item on the shelf you see and run with it - make sure to do your research. If doing research isn’t enough to narrow your decision, ask your hairstylist! You do not want to risk applying the wrong product to your hair. Heat damage is a problem that takes loads of time and patience in order to bounce back from. If you have accrued a lot of heat damage over the years, fix your mistakes by applying hair masks, deep conditioning treatments, and trimming your ends every once in a while.


The hair mistakes we just touched on are big hair mistakes that happen to many of us. If you face minor hair mistakes on the daily such as greasy hair, messy bed head, or extremely flat hair - no worries, there are ways to fix those mistakes too. The easy way out would be to pop on a hat, but we do understand not every outfit will match a hat, so try dry shampoo! Dry shampoo is an oil-absorbing powder or spray that soaks up grease and dirt, giving your hair that extra day without washing. Dry shampoo is your bestfriend when your hair is not cooperating. If you are cramming school work or are on overload with at the office, apply it to your hair for a quick refresher!


Another underrated hair fix is wearing wigs! What quicker and more efficient method than popping on a fresh full head of hair? Didn’t wake up in time to do your hair? Haven’t had the time to wash your hair in a few days? Throw on a wig and call it a day. Shop our wigs for looks that can help shorten your hair routine. We carry long, short, mid-length, curly, wavy wigs, extensions, and more!


Fixing hair mistakes is easy, but does require loads of thought and patience. Take our advice and stop your hair problems before they get worse.
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