How to Part Your Wig to Best Suit Your Face Shape

How to Part Your Wig to Best Suit Your Face Shape

It is amazing how much your look can change with a different hair part. Have you ever wondered if the part you have is the most flattering for your particular face shape?
In general, there are six face shapes that people fit into. Finding your face shape is a matter of checking out your reflection.
  • Round - Round faces have wider cheekbones and no sharp angles.
  • Oval - Oval faces have foreheads that are slightly wider than the chin. The face is longer than it is wide.
  • Oblong - Oblong faces are long and rounded at the top and bottom. This face is much like an oval shape, but has a narrower chin.
  • Square - Square faces are as wide as they are long. They have sharp angled features, including a sharp jawline.
  • Heart - Heart faces are widest at the forehead and have pointed chins. The face narrows gradually from the forehead.
  • Diamond - Diamond faces have narrow foreheads and small chins. The widest part of the face is at the cheekbones.

Once you’ve determined your face shape, you can find the best part for it.

Before parting your wig though, check the features of your wig to see if parting will work.
For the best parting versatility, it’s best to have a wig that offers any of the following:

If your wig doesn’t allow for parting, you can create an unnatural look or even damage the hair. Check where the monofilament section of your wig cap is before parting.
It’s best to part your wig after washing it. Before drying, gently part the hair in the direction you prefer with a wide tooth comb. It may help to use styling cream or mousse, but only use products formulated for wigs.


Round face shapes should try middle parts. This classic look elongates round faces. If you’re concerned with trying to make your face appear thinner, a middle part can do the trick.

Oval Face Shapes

Lucky you! Oval face shapes can rock any part. We’re all very jealous!


Oblong shapes are very similar to oval shapes, minus the narrower chin of the oblong. In general, oblong faces can pull off any part, like the ovals.


The best hair part for square faces is a slight side or even deep side part. Since square faces have angular cheekbones and chins, a side part can soften those.


Heart shaped faces have wider cheekbones and pointed chins. A deep side part can add balance to the cheekbones while drawing attention away from the chin.


Diamond faces tend to have killer cheekbones, so show them off with a side part. A side part can bring attention to your best feature.

Do you have the best part for your face shape or do you prefer to break the rules? Tell us in the comments!

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Because of receding hairline and high forehead I usually have an irregular part. It works for me.


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