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How To Wear Hats With Wigs

Posted on March 08 2019

Let’s be honest, hats are one of the most interesting hair accessories! From protecting your head from the elements to hiding any evidence of a bad hair day, there is an important relationship between a girl and her hats. One of the first things a girl will do to show her interest in a guy is stealing his hat. Though a cute gesture, once we have it, how do we incorporate it? Pairing hats with wigs is actually much easier than you may think!.

Best Hats To Wear With Wigs

Beauty magazines will spend article after article telling you the “rules” for how to wear a hat. This has always made me roll my eyes because, I mean, it’s a hat… you put it on your head and that’s really all there is to it. However, there are certain clothing styles that work better with certain hat styles. Add a wig to the equation and things can begin to seem convoluted. But fear not! After my extensive research and experience in trial-and-error, I have come up with a simple guideline for us wig and hat wearing wonders!

Baseball Caps and Wigs

The best thing to remember for the styling a baseball cap is that street-wear and simple outfits are your friend. Whether you decide to wear your hair down or up, keep it simple. Hairstyles that work the best are loose braids, straight hair, and a loose beachy waves. Depending on your outfit, you can choose to wear the hat with the bill forward or backwards, but as cool as you think having the hat tilted to the side looks, unless you are going for the ‘90s B-boy look, I would just stick to the two other options.

When it comes to fashion, I found two outfits that I thought looked the best - I am sure there are plenty of other options, but these made me feel the best. I went with a simple tank dress, a sweater and my chucks. It was perfect for going out and hanging with friends and was both casual and put together enough to where I felt I could fit in anywhere. My second outfit was a tied t-shirt and some high-waisted, ripped black jeans. The addition of the hat to this outfit was something I had never tried, but I think has become a permanent accessory in my closet.

 Baseball Hat

 Th best part was that the cap was adjustable, so I could make sure it fit just right around my wig. There was even an added bonus: the hat kept everything in place and I was a super carefree day!

Beanies and Wigs

Who doesn’t love a good beanie - especially in these cold winter months. With a beanie, the outfit is a secondary concern. From sweatpants to dark-wash jeans, beanies can be paired with almost any casual to semi-formal look. The bigger issue I ran into with the beanie looks was how to wear my wig. After some experimentation, I found three that I thought perfectly framed the face.

The first was to choose a synthetic wig with textured waves to give some volume and charm. For the second look, I wore more of a beret than a beanie. With some glamorous Hollywood wig curls, the beret fit perfectly adding a touch of Parisian flare to my nighttime look. My final hairstyle was a beanie and some loose pigtails in my favorite long human hair wig. I wore them lower, which helped keep my locks intact and made me look professional and put together as I went about my workday.

Wavy Brown Human Hair Wig

Veronica by Envy

Important Points to Remember

Hats are so much fun. When you are wanting to add some spice to your outfits hats are an excellent place to start. There are a few tips that I think will help you find your perfect hat look:

  1. Find a hat that frames your face.
  2. Tattered hats may have meaning, but don’t provide for the most put together looks.
  3. Finally, don’t let people tell you that hats aren’t for you!

If you want to wear a hat, wear a hat! There is nothing worse than feeling like you can’t wear something because someone tells you you can’t or shouldn’t. Once you find something that you feel completes your look, use it! Hats can be a simple but effective way to evolve your style.

 Which hat are you going to accessorize with?
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