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Leyla Milani Hair Extensions NOW on Wigs.com

Leyla Milani is an actress and tv host who has always been noted for her gorgeous hair! She was the “it girl” on the hit game show Deal or No Deal!  Her Brunette Bombshell locks garnered fan mail from around the world in hopes they too could achieve that same voluminous gorgeous style!  Leyla wanted to help women all around the world have glamorous hair too! 

Leyla Milani Hair Line

Of course, most women don’t have the naturally full and long hair they dream of,  and with styling, and chemically treating your hair… anyone will experience damage and hair loss as a result.  Leyla decided she wanted to help women all over the world have access to beautiful hair in an instant!  Leyla Milani Hair Company was born!

Leyla Milani Hair Line

Leyla decided to offer women of all ages and ethnicities, a quality product that is affordable and easy to put in and wear.  She could not find one product that offered all these benefits. So she decided to make this her next big project! She set out to offer a great product everyone can afford and offer the freedom to add length, thickness, and even highlights to their hair without needing the help of a stylist.  Leyla wanted to offer an alternative to spending hours and lots of money in a salon… and still not escaping the damage to the bio hair!  The result was a small line of beautiful extensions that will work for almost everyone wanting long luscious locks!

Leyla Milani Clip in Remy Human Hair Extensions

Wigs.com is proud to partner with Leyla Milani to launch her human hair extensions line of beautiful clip in hair extensions.  Now, you can put some major oomph in your style with these beautiful, comfortable, and easy to use remy human hair extensions

Made from premium-grade, 100% Remy human hair, they can be customized and treated just as you would with your own natural hair. Cut them, style them….then, all you have to do is clip them in.   

Leyla Milani Clip in Remy Human Hair Extensions

Now Leyla Milani hair extensions have become a Hollywood hit.  Celebrities and the average Jane can easily have that “just stepped out of the salon” look at home.  It is easy to achieve that ‘Million Dollar Mane’ with these hair extensions.  They come in both 20 inch  and 24 inch lengths and some amazing salon inspired colors. 


When she’s not busy growing her hair care empire, Leyla enjoys spending time with her family and giving back to others.  As a mother of a 2-year-old daughter, she is particularly interested in children’s causes. She sits on the boards of CHOC Children’s Hospital of Orange County Gala Committee (CHOC) and Talk About Curing Autism (TACA). 


While this glamorous go-getter’s life is an exciting one, she says she gets her greatest thrill from helping girls and women everywhere feel their most beautiful!Leyla Milani Hair Line


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