Long Light Purple Wig

Long Light Purple Wig

A Review of Lilac Frost by Hairdo

Community Ambassador, Wendy Ott


Do you remember the first time you tried on a wig?  Maybe never, maybe recently, maybe years ago…for me, it was in kindergarten.  I was rummaging through my Grandma’s closet for dress up clothes, when I found the treasure of a lifetime: her ratty, old, brown wig.  She wore it in the sixties when women still effortlessly included wigs with their daily attire…It is so bizarre to me that it was a socially acceptable mainstream style to wear wigs back then---considering that the average sixties wig looked like road kill.  Well, at least my Grandma’s did.  It was a synthetic curly brown mess that had no shape, no luster, no nothing.  Don’t get me wrong, I still had a blast playing with it - I had no idea what a quality wig looked like, so it was good enough for me.  And fun!  So much fun to completely change my style on a whim, that it became my favorite “dress up” piece. Of course, I was only five. 


Now that I’m much older and wiser - and especially more knowledgeable about wigs - I realize how far they have come. And this generation -NOW- is the time to effortlessly incorporate wigs into your daily ensembles.  Because today’s wigs actually look good! Strike that - they look AH-mazing!  So real!  Synthetic hair looks like human hair, and many versions of it are heat friendly, too (curl it up! But be sure not to exceed the temperature limit!).  I mean, I can have an awesome blue bob one day, and then switch it up into long “Lilac Frost” locks by Hairdo the next day.  The latest styles, the current colors, the on-point-pantones---they’re all mine!  I could have never had lilac frost colored hair.  Well, I would have had to strip the heck outta my hair just to come close.  But, thanks to Hairdo, even I can sport pretty pastel purple hues.  Like many of Hairdo’s other fun colored wigs, this beauty is designed with natural brown roots for a more realistic appearance.  The long wavy hair was a tiny bit straggly when I pulled her out of the box, but after running my fingers through it a few times it bounced back (finger combing or using a special wide toothed wig comb is the best way to style wavy or curly synthetic hair - avoid brushing it and the wig will stay nicer, longer). 


When I put 'her' on - and just so ya know:

  • Most people refer to ladies’ wigs as 'her' and men's as 'him' - most wigs also have corresponding female and male names, too. It’s like they have their own personas. Which I guess they kind of do… they just lend theirs to you.


So, when I put “her” on, she lent me her persona, alright. She flowed all around me in lilac loveliness.  She made me feel like a beautiful bohemian babe!  Like I could rock Coachella.  Or at least the kindergartner’s birthday party that I was taking my daughter to.  Her friends immediately asked what all of the adults in the room were thinking, “Did you dye your hair purple?”  “Nope,” I replied. “Is it a wig?”, they asked with some seriously unfiltered childlike curiosity…”Why, yes, she is”.  After all, let’s give credit where credit is due - and this one goes out to Hairdo for creating my new favorite “dress up” piece.  Thank goodness I, and the wig industry, have outgrown that sixties road kill hair!

Lilac Frost | Hairdo

Thanks again, Wendy! You are gorgeous!

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