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June 29th, 2023

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About Susan Tell us about yourself and how your journey with hair loss persuaded you to be such an inspiration in the hair loss community.

My interest in wigs began a couple of years ago when I was watching Viola Davis in “How to get away with murder”. I was fascinated that this put together, elegant woman wore wigs daily. In the movie, Ms. Davis at one point takes off all her makeup, eyelashes and her wig. I realized at that moment; she was still the same person. She had merely removed the “frosting” of the day. At that moment I began exploring wigs for myself.
Caroline on screen in Jon Renau Zara Lite 8RH14

Finding Community &

I was watching a TikTok video on exercise and the woman reminded me of myself. I investigated the training / nutrition she was promoting and ordered it. She had the best hair. It was short like mine, but she clearly had way more hair than me. She was also an artist and did stained glass. One day I happened on a video, and she took off her hair. WHAT!? She wore a wig. I was so surprised! She became my “North Star”. You must read Mel Robbins to understand. In a nutshell, a North Star is someone you aspire to be like or rise to. I ordered Ignite that minute and received her on my 60th birthday last year. I was hooked. became my go to for hair. I have been sharing my tips and tricks on fitness and diet for years with my peers. I like to say I have a “team of professionals” to keep me in check. I love to inspire women to be the best version of themselves and live with great joy. I can’t help but share when I find things that work in my life! Now I had the final piece to the puzzle – hair. Diet and exercise are simple but not easy. Hair is simple and easy.
My sister has been wearing toppers for a couple of years and I immediately told her to ditch the topper and go for the whole wig. So much easier and beautiful. My sister keeps to one style and color, and no one knows she wears wigs. That’s the beauty. You can share or you don’t have to. The choice is yours.

Finding Confidence How has wearing wigs influenced your confidence or other areas of your life?
Wearing wigs has increased my confidence in all areas of my life. I have always had fine hair that I can never grow long. As I have gotten older, I notice my hair is thinner and finer, not to mention the gray that forces me to keep my hair lighter in color to hide the “landing strip” of gray hair on my part line. I have tried hair extensions which took nearly 12 hours to install and once I had them, I would wish for my short hair again. I like my short hair, but it doesn’t look very dressy, and I feel like a boy when I wear a hat (to protect my scalp from the sun) and I always envy women with long hair, curly hair or hair that is different from mine. I am very dedicated to keeping in shape, taking care of my skin, and eating well. The only thing I can not change, no matter how hard I work, is my hair. Until now.
Wearing wigs makes me feel put together and on point. I choose my hair length and style based on where I am going. I like to say, “I choose my hair depending on my audience.” For example, if I am attending a board meeting, I wear my shorter wigs with a shadow root. If I am attending a court appearance, I wear Ignite in Palm Springs Blond with a business suit, panty hose and heels. If I am going to a classical concert or ballet, I will wear Kristen by Jon Renau or Glamorize Always by Gabor in Biscuit. If I am going on a date, I wear Mirage by Ellen Wille or Zara by Jon Renau (in blondes) – a second date, Show Stopper by Raquel Welch (Hazelnut) . If I’m hanging out with friends all the above will apply. For golf with the ladies, I wear Jazz or Kristen with a visor. Golf with men, Zara in a pony and a hat. I love mixing it up.
I am newly single having been married for 23 years. I have a 22-year-old daughter who absolutely loves my hair. She giggles when people think I’m her aunt or older sister. She has her favorites and is not shy to make a request for special occasions. 

I am going on dates and keeping it light. I am super happy being on my own for now. I love to travel at a moment’s notice. The men I have met love my hair. I usually mix up my hair for the second date. I have not met a man yet that has not loved the idea of me having lots of different looks. My gal friends have asked me, “what if you meet a man and he doesn’t like wigs?” My response, “then he is not the man for me.”

Wigs are my special power. When I put on my hair and look in the mirror, my face lights up. I walk a little taller and I feel like the true star and leading lady of my life story. Wearing wigs makes me feel sexier than I have ever felt in my life. At age 60 I feel like a movie star. These last few years have been challenging and now I am the happiest and most vibrant I have ever been. I am this many years old and I can now say confidently, I have found JOY.

My Advice For New Wig Wearers What advice would you give to yourself at the beginning of your wig wearing journey?
The best advice – NO ONE KNOWS!!!! No one knows you are wearing a wig. People think initially that you are wearing extensions, or you got a great new hairstylist. Some of the people I told I was wearing a wig would say, “So who are you today?” It made me pause and consider, am I someone different since I changed my hair. The simple answer – no, I am still me - the same person. My answer to those who asked, “Who are you today?” I would respond, “Still me, just happier”. Also, don’t tighten the wig too tight, it will give you a headache. REALLY, it is not going to fly off! What is the biggest challenge with wearing wigs?
I think the biggest challenge is hearing people say mean or negative things. Comments like, “I like your own hair better” or “I wish you’d wear more age appropriate wigs” or “you should see her real hair”. I believe in my heart that those people are uncomfortable in their own skin. It is more about them than it is about my hair or my hair choices. Life is too short to be concerned with the thoughts of others. If they spent one day in a wig, they would probably be on this journey too. Recently my daughter wore one of my longer hair wigs to her work. She called me and said, “I get it! The compliments are insane!” Yes, you get a ton of compliments on your hair. I just say, “thank you”. When my friends ask, “How are you aging backwards?” I tell them everything I do, and I tell them about my hair. What do you love most about wearing wigs?
I love how quickly I can look amazing. I have always been able to get ready in a hurry, but a wig makes me look like I spent hours on the process. I also love how big my smile is when I look in the mirror and how sparkly my eyes are when I see my reflection. This sounds crazy, but it’s like seeing ME for the first time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the compliments! Maybe since I feel more confident, I give off a more approachable vibe. I love empowering other women to be the best versions of themselves. I have found the link to complete that for me – wigs.

My Favorite Styles What are your top 5 fav styles carried by