Merry Christmas from!

Merry Christmas from!



What a wonderful time of the year:  Stressing over presents, making a list, losing your list, making a new list, planning your holiday gathering…What will you wear?  “It’s the most wonderful time of the year"…Yeah right!

Christmas time should be a time to reflect on all the things you have for which to be thankful. It really ought to be a wonderful time of the year, but it is so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of preparing and fretting!

We believe the holidays should be about feeling and looking good.  No matter your circumstance, if you look your best…you feel better.  

Holiday Hair With Wigs and Hair Toppers

During the holidays, time is usually tight. Holiday hair is so much easier with hair pieces, wigs, and hair extensions!  It takes me about 40 min to wash and blow dry my hair. It takes me less than 5 minutes to put on a wig or top piece…Way easier if you ask me! We know that many of you wear alternative hair because you have to, but, so many women wear hair to boost their style because they want to.  It makes such a difference! The key is to get the right piece that matches the look you are going for and wear it with confidence!

Don’t skimp on your hair! The number one reason women feel apprehensive about wearing wigs is they don’t feel like they will look natural or it will look fake…“wiggy”.  This can be a problem if you go for the cheapest wigs. It is very important to look for the innovations that make wigs and hair pieces look perfectly natural like, a monofilament top or part, lace front hairline, and natural colors that are rooted or blended.  

On a budget?  Aren’t we all?!  Everyone’s budget is different and some of us can't afford the top of the line in anything...But, you can always find a good match for you in most price ranges.  If you are on a tight budget, you may need to give up a little on all the bells and whistles you may want in your wig or hair topperSynthetic hair wigs are gorgeous now.  In the old days, they looked a little spongey and fake, but now, it is hard to tell the difference between the human hair wig and the synthetic wig. So, you will save yourself considerable time by going with a synthetic wig. You can also save money without giving up a natural look by going to a monofilament part. 

Monofilament Top Wigs

A monofilament top gives you the most versatility on they way you style your hair because you can part it anyway you like and have styling options.  Monofilament technology is a must have to give your hair that natural direction and movement you get with bio hair...But it is also costly because it is mostly a hand done process and the labor cost is high.  So, you can save by going with a monofilament part.  This way you have this must have monofilament natural look where it counts…on the part. 

Lace Front

Lace front however, is a must have without exception! This gives you the most natural front hair line and the front is where people look when they look at your hair. Unless you are wearing heavy bangs that completely covers up the front hair line, you absolutely cannot give up on the lace front feature. The good news is that most wigs come with lace front at so many different price levels. You should have plenty to choose from!

Make your holidays merry and bright by looking your best. No one has to know you cheated a little by putting on perfect hair in a minute!  Let them think you went all out.  When everyone else is shopping with their hair back in a scrunchie… (yes, people still do that!) You will be on top of the world knowing your hair looks great. However, if you are like me…you will want everyone to know you are wearing perfect hair. As women all trying to look and feel their best, we should help each other out and let everyone in on any tip that can make us more confident and have more fun.  Sisterhood is often forgotten when keeping up with… or ahead of the Jones. 

So be thankful for the freedoms we have and the blessings we are afforded.  Share the love and joy this season should bring to all…and look great doing it!  

Merry Christmas from!


What's your favorite inexpensive style or what feature can you not live without? Let us know in the comments below!

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