NEW! POP by hairdo Colorful Hair Extensions!

NEW! POP by hairdo Colorful Hair Extensions!

POP by Hairdo is making quite a splash this year with a variety of easy clip in hair accents. These hairpieces are a fun and trendy way to spice up your wig or natural hair. Check out the new 2017 collection of wraps, braids, and headbands to make a splash this spring and summer. Shop all POP by Hairdo!


You don't have to be a teen to rock these looks... add your own style and give your look a fresh new twist!

Color Strip Extension

Pink Hair Extensions, Blue Hair Extensions, Hairdo

8 great colors to choose from... Mix and match or just go with a single color.  Put in a little or a lot. Create endless looks with these color strips.  Now you can change your hair as often as you change your mind!  You're in control. 😉


Metallic Braid Extension

Metallic Braid Extension by POP by hairdo

Time to shine!  Metallics are everywhere this year! These subtle, metallic, clip-in braids allow you to clip in a splash of metallic color for a statement piece accent to your look. With 6 colors to choose from (teal, blue, light purple black, light purple blonde, purple, and pink) these single braids are a perfect addition to all hair colors. Just clip in and shine!


Two Braid Extension

Two Braid Extension by POP by hairdo

You know what they say... "Two braids are better than one!"  With the hot braid trend this year, make a double impact with the double braid clip in extension. POP it in to give a cute accent to any hair style. Wrap it around your pony for the perfect accent to take your casual pony to a night out with sass! They come in 8 easy to blend shades for all hair colors.



Headbands are having a major moment! We are seeing them everywhere from celebs to the trend setters on the street. POP brings you some of the most popular braid looks and makes them easy to throw in to your hair to bring your style up a notch!  Each comes in 8 easy to blend shades!


Fishtail Braid Headband

Fishtail Braid Headband

Mermaid hair is just a flick away with this beautiful headband.  The fishtail braid is one of the prettiest braids but not so easy to achieve.  POP makes this one easy! Beach worthy hair in an instant. 😉


Thick Braid Headband

Braided Headband, Hairdo

This jumbo braid instantly enhances any hairstyle. It will make a statement and make your look!  It's a big, center stage kind of will stand out with this one!


Double Braid Headband

Double Braid Headband by hairdo

The simple braid just got a makeover! This double braid is a cool look that will leave them thinking you are a braiding expert!  It's thin and simple but gorgeous! This one will look beautiful just about anywhere in your hair and elevate your style.


No more girl next door locks. These POP pieces give you the opportunity to slightly or dramatically accent your style.  Every one of these hair accessories can be clipped in to your wig or natural hair.  Have some fun and take advantage of the colored hair trend and the braided looks... POP them in for and instant style makeover! 


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