Protection for Windy Days

Protection for Windy Days

If you’re planning a day outdoors, you might find yourself worrying about the wind affecting your wig or hair topper. This is a valid worry, but with a few preparations, you can protect your piece from the wind.
Buying the right wig can make all the difference against the wind. In terms of fiber type, synthetic wigs are more likely to stay put in a breezy bout. Human hair wigs mimic the movement of biological hair.
As always, your wig or topper should be the optimal size for you. A wig that is too small or large for your head is more likely to slip around. Likewise, before buying a topper, always measure the area of hair loss so you get the optimal base dimension.
Before stepping a single foot out the door, make sure to secure that wig. A windy day is a time to pull out all the stops. We like the It Stays body adhesive. It’s a roll-on adhesive liquid that helps keep wigs and hairpieces in place. It can be purchased right here at!
An alternative to that adhesive could be Ultra Hold adhesive from Walker Tape. There’s also Sensi-Tak wig tape from the same company if you’d rather go that route.
You’ll also want to put on a WigSECURE if you have one. The WigSECURE by Amy Gibson is the first band to be crafted using a high-end velvety fabric, lined with a non-slip grip strip for those with thinning or no hair, completely removing the need for tape or clips.

If you only have a wig liner, that can also be helpful in securing your wig.  

If you’re handy with a needle and thread, you can attach some pressure-sensitive clips to a wig. Hair toppers, of course, already include such clips. These security clips can adhere to your wig or topper and to your biological hair.
You may also want to accessorize to combat the wind! Strong gusts thrashing around the delicate fibers of your wig or topper can cause friction and possibly damage. In order to protect your hair piece, try an accessory to keep your fibers in place.

What accessories can help protect a hairpiece from the elements?



There are several options! A headband of any type can work, whether it be elastic or fabric, or plastic. We like the Softie by Jon Renau. It comes in several prints and colors, plus it’s made from a smart material that keeps it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Softie by Jon Renau 

A hat is another great option. Since you’ll be in strong winds, you should avoid any loose or floppy hats. This isn’t the time for a pretty sun hat! Your best options are a baseball cap, a beanie, or something similar that won’t get blown away.

              Hat Magic by Jon Renau              

If you don’t have a hat, you probably have a scarf laying around! Channel your inner Aubrey Hepburn and don a headscarf. Plus, once you step indoors, your scarf becomes a fashionable accessory.
When all is said and done, you might not want the added hassle of an accessory. That’s fine! Forget the accessories and go with a low ponytail and bun. You could try a hair clip too. If you need a quick how-to on how to do a ponytail with a wig, check out our guide here.
Before venturing outside into a windy day, make sure you secure and protect your wig or topper!

What’s your best advice for wearing a wig on a windy day? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below - or on our forum!


What I do when I know it’s windy I’m usually wearing a hoodie or a nice scarf that you can wrap around your neck and let it hang. I have Alopecia so I have been wearing wigs since 2009. So I have had many windy days I’ve gone through. Not too good going on a roller coaster you kind of have to hold it at the side so it doesn’t fly off, lol. It’s funny but not.

Frances Skube

Great idea 💡

Audrea Lambert

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