Real Hair Wigs For Sale

Real Hair Wigs For Sale

The human hair wig industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Indian hair is often considered the best quality, although Chinese hair is used often because it is very widely available.  Eastern European hair is also in high demand, but there is less of this type available. This type of hair is very rare and is not commonly used in wigs, extensions and hair pieces.  Most manufacturers will use combinations of other hair types in order to achieve a density that resembles Eastern European hair. At, we have a large variety of real human hair wigs manufactured from the top wig designers in the world!


Real Hair Wigs For Sale

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Our clients feel safe when shopping with because our goal is to help them find the wig that makes them feel more confident than ever before! Our Wig Experts are available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 6:30pm (CST) to help clients through the exciting process of choosing wigs. Finding the perfect, real human hair wig can be overwhelming... but with the assistance of our Wig Experts, it's easier (and funner!) than ever before.


The Wig Experts

Our Wig Experts are are licensed cosmetologists, professional hair stylists, and wig lovers!  


All grades of human hair require much more maintenance than synthetic hair does.  Human hair has endless styling options available, but can get frizzy with humidity. This is why some people prefer synthetic hair over human hair, but we can ensure you that there is nothing more luxurious and comfortable than a real, human hair wig. 


Carrie Exclusive | Human Hair Lace Front Wig (Mono Top)

Carrie Exclusive by Jon Renau is one of our best-selling, real human hair wigs! Also available in non-exclusive colors.


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