Rock Wigs!

Rock Wigs!

A pop of color makes for an interesting but subtle statement piece that will surely get people talking. Plus, you’ll just look fun. Learn about not so bold ways to rock colored hair. You’ll indeed turn some heads. 


Hair Extensions

A pop of color is all you need to spark interest. Fun colored hair in the form hair extensions can catch someone’s eye in movement and light. It spices up any look and lets your personality shine. Hair extensions that are a different color from natural hair will seamlessly work its way through tresses. It looks as if hair color-shifting like how diamonds and prisms emit different colors—how chic! The great thing about fun colored hair extensions, such as these 23" Color Extensions by Hairdo, is that you can switch them out, especially depending on the season and your mood. Burnt reds can convey your sultry side, while mauvish silvers display your modernity. You can’t go wrong with a versatile hair accessory such as fun colored hair extensions.

Fun Colored Hair | Color Extensions by Hairdo

 23" Clip-In Color Extensions by Hairdo


Ombre or Balayage

If you’re the committed type, dying your hair an unnatural color is the way to go. Streaks or full coverage are always options. However, if you want to go the subtle route, get ombre or balayage. Balayage is the gradual progression of shades, tints, and colors. Ombre is a starker contrast. Check out our article to learn the difference between balayage and ombre here! When dying hair an unnatural hair color, it’s possible the color specialist will need to strip the hair of its color and make it a near-to-white canvas. The great thing about balayage is that it is designed to gracefully grow out. Ombre is more of a bold hairstyle.

 Janelle by Noriko


Hair Extension Strips

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills veteran Lisa Vanderpump is known for her obsession with pink. She uses pops of pink streaks in her hair to brand her personal image and show her love for the ultra-feminine color. Great hairstyles to incorporate hair extension strips are romantic curly updos, voluminous curls, fun braids, and sleek straight styles. Be sure to purchase hair extensions that are heat-friendly, such as these Color Strips by Hairdo. 

Bold Hairstyle | Color Strips by Hairdo

16" Human Hair Color Strips by Hairdo


Pastel Colors

Fun colored hair doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Pastel colored hair choices are polite enough for the day and stylish enough for the night. Pastel hair colors are also en vogue—they are not just for the rockers these days. Creamy pinks and lilac purples are incredibly chic and compliment a variety of skin tones. Taking the plunge and dying the whole crown a pastel color is not for the faint of heart. The process again involves stripping hair of dark pigment to create a clean and absorbent canvas for the new color. If this seems like a huge undertaking, there are pastel colored wigs. Always look for a high-end wig that is heat-friendly, like Lilac Frost by Hairdo. 

Pastel Colored Hair | Lilac Frost by Hairdo

Lilac Frost by Hairdo 


Have Fun

Times are changing and so are conventional colors. Express a fun, interesting side of yourself with fun colored hairstyles. Hair accessories make it easy to rock not so bold colors.

 What's your favorite way to rock a bold hairstyle?

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