Rockstar Wigs

Rockstar Wigs

The lights flash brightly, the smoke begins to clear and the crowd is going crazy. The life of a rockstar is glamourous, thrilling, and full of some of the most interesting people you may ever meet. But they are often seen as other worldy and rocking looks that are viewed as unattainable or too ridiculous for everyday life. Or if they are attainable, your only options are to run to party store and use some cheap “wig” that will only be remembered in photographs you will want to burn and forget later down the line.

But what is it about this lifestyle that has continued to be so sought after despite the changing of the times? This phenomenon is actually easily explained. Rockers, especially rocker chicks have a reputation of not having a care in the world for what their male counterparts think about them and of being unapologetically themselves; loud and proud for the whole world to see. For me, this is the reason women like Joan Jett were so influential because she had a style all her own and she never let a man tell her what she could and couldn’t do.

I wanted to be her, so natural thought progression, I thought I would dye my hair black and chop it up all grungy and edgy - but was quickly shut down. I was told that I would like that look for a few days or weeks even, but after a while I would get tired of it and that style would take forever to grow back out to what it was before. Also, I am a natural strawberry-blonde and every hairstylist I have ever met with has told me the minute I decide to dye my hair, it will never go back to this color again and that is still not a risk I am willing to take. 

However, I was offered an alternative. My friend brought me an old performance wig and we dyed it black and made it all choppy with mismatched layers and soon after I had a Joan Jett wig… and I proceeded to be her for the following three Halloweens!

If you are like me and you are looking for that rockstar edge without the commitment, there are so many options you can choose from these days; but there are three that stick out in my mind that I think will help you find your path to your inner rockstar.

 Cher by Ellen Wille

Cher Wig by Ellen Wille

Aptly named, as this style evolkes immediate memories of Cher early in her solo career as a singer. This pin straight, full bodied wig with bangs so straight they could cut you can take any woman from daytime office worker to nighttime rocker faster than you can blink. Though this is a synthetic wig, you wouldn’t be able to tell. This wig has the feel of natural hair, but lets your scalp breathe so you don’t have to worry about getting too sweaty under this piece.


Miley by Envy

Miley by Envy - in Sparkling Champagne

I believe it’s description says it best when it describes this wig as a “short, modern style with lots of attitude". Giving off definite Miley Cyrus vibes from when she broke away from her old image, and became the strong woman she is today. Changing your look at the same time as you try to rebrand yourself can be incredibly difficult, but with this wig you can open the door to that edgy part of yourself just ready to be realized.


Peachy Keen by Hairdo

Peachy Keen by hairdo

Now, for those who are looking less for a drastic cut, then maybe color is how you should express your inner rockstar. It is no secret that dying your hair can be a lengthy and difficult process with all of the upkeep, so for this I would just wear colored wigs when you are looking for just the right amount of edge.

This style reminds me of a look I was rocking earlier this year, and if she isn’t considered edgy, I’m not sure who is!  This wig embodies a classic cut with an edgy blunt bang and pop of color that will turn any woman into the rockstar she has always been inside.

What are your favorite Rocker Hairstyles?

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I’m looking for a hair piece for up do my hair is long enough to go up, but need more hair to make it look better

Kay Kenney

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