Wigs.com Stands Up 2 Cancer

Wigs.com Stands Up 2 Cancer

We know how important it is to support organizations that will make a difference! This is why the team at wigs.com wholeheartedly supports Stand Up To Cancer, a four-star accredited charity. The charity is a groundbreaking initiative created to accelerate innovative cancer research that will get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now.



Since Stand Up To Cancer was founded in May 2008, over 170 clinical trials have been planned, initiated, or completed by SU2C scientists, in which more than 9,000 patients have participated. It is actively funding research and development, saving lives for all types of cancers… Not just one.

The charity will air its fifth televised fundraising special, live on Friday, Sept. 9 at 7pm CST on CBS. These events are star-studded, so you can't miss it!



Our #Reason2StandUp is to end life threatening cancer. So many of our clients have shared with us their struggle with cancer. All of us either have or know someone who has fought cancer. It is a disruptive and distractive detour in life that no one wants to take. At Wigs.com, we are passionate about helping worthy organizations in their efforts to find a cure for all cancers. Our mission is to help women all over the world find their true beauty and feel great about how they look. We honor and support STAND UP TO CANCER as they are working hard to make sure everyone with cancer gets the chance to feel good! What a great team we make :-)


Find out how you can get involved on the Stand Up To Cancer website: http://www.standuptocancer.org/get_involved


What are your reasons to stand up? Tell us below!

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Dear Donna,

Thanks for contacting Beauty and Hair!

First off, we would like to say how very inspired we are with your strength and courage that you have and continue to radiate through your journey. Stay Strong!

We understand how challenging these times are for many of us.

Our company’s motto is “we believe everyone can and deserves to feel beautiful” and we are willing to serve you even if it’s by way of a donation."

We currently donate to The Breast Cancer Foundation but do not have a direct order donation established, unfortunately. We would love to donate one of our pieces from our returns if there is something available.

Please be advised to respond to customerservice@beautyandhair.com with your hair color, length, and size thereafter we will check to see if there is something available.

Have a wonderful day!

- The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

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