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Synthetic vs Human Hair: Which One is Better for You?

Posted on April 26 2019

Human Hair Wigs at

The Truth About Human Hair and Synthetic Wigs

You’ve heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” And if you’ve spent any amount of time with wigs, you've noticed that the ones made of human hair are generally more expensive than the ones made of synthetic fiber. But does that necessarily mean human hair wigs are better than synthetic fiber wigs?  How are you supposed to know which is the better choice for you? 

You’ve heard that old add-age “you get what you pay for”… this doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive option is always what is best for you. 

The truth?   Human hair and Synthetic hair both have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the facts about human hair first:

Wigs Made With Human Hair

Remy Human Hair Wig at


Advantages of Human Hair Wigs

Hands down, human hair looks and feels the most natural because…well…it is natural hair.  There is nothing exactly like the feel, weight, and movement of a good quality human hair wig. (however, quality being the operative word is important to factor in as poor quality human hair is not worth the money in the long run at all!) Remy human hair is considered a premium option because it is generally easier to style and tangles much less due to all the follicles being kept in the same direction during construction. Human hair is remarkably soft with a shine and movement not easily duplicated by synthetic hair. Its versatility allows you to style it like your own hair with curls or bone straight with a durability that can last over a year!

Disadvantages Of Human Hair

So as we all know, human hair wigs and extensions are definitely not inexpensive!  Good quality hair (which is the only human hair worth buying) is pricey.  But is it also takes much more time to style and care for.  Since it is natural hair, you have to style it each time you wear it just like you would your own natural hair.  The style doesn’t really hold like a synthetic wig would. If you have a busy lifestyle or a tight budget, this may not be the choice for you. And just like natural hair, human hair will react to weather conditions and will go flat or frizz if weather dictates;(


Synthetic Hair

Center Stage Wig Worn by Raquel Welch | Synthetic Hair

Advantages of Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair has come a long way in the past 10 years.  Because of the inconsistencies in the human hair market, the focus has been on perfecting synthetic hair fiber to look and behave just like human hair. And the results have been amazing.  The look is pretty indistinguishable from human hair wigs and the feel is pretty darn close!  The fact that most synthetic wigs can be worn right out of the box with minimal or no styling requirements makes it a more attractive choice. And, unlike human hair, synthetic hair will hold its style regardless of the climate. The curl pattern or style is basically baked right in to the wig and will not change no matter how terrible the weather is!  Bonus!

Shyla Wig by Envy | Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair

Disadvantages of Synthetic Hair

The only disadvantage we can come up with is what we feel is its biggest advantage… you don’t have to take time to style because the style or curl pattern is set right in and stays that way!  However, this means you can’t change it and so you don’t have the versatility of human hair.  Kind of a plus in my book.  As the prices are much more reasonable, it is easy to afford a straight and a wavy version and not have to put much styling effort in to either one. (but we had to find some kind of disadvantage so this is the closest we could find;)

There are heat-friendly synthetic options which allow styling more like human hair wigs. But styling is still a challenge due to the fiber’s natural resistance to change.  We are excited about the advancements in heat friendly synthetic fiber and look forward to this technology improving over time. 


The Best of Both Worlds!

Human Hair Blend Wigs by Ellen Wille Wigs

Imagine all the benefits of human hair and all the benefits of synthetic hair got together and had a baby...The product of this union would be only the advantages of both human hair and synthetic hair and virtually none of the disadvantages!  Well... it does exist.  This is what is called in the industry "blended hair"  which is a varying blend of human hair to get the softness, style-ability, and perfect movement with a long lasting style hold and the most vibrant long lasting colors.   This is the best of both worlds and it is available for anyone who wants it.  It is very new to the market and not everywhere right now, but you will see it more and more.  

True Clip-In Bangs by Ellen Wille | Human Hair Synthetic Hair Blend

Bottom Line

Both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs have their pluses and minuses.   Only you know your needs, wants, and budget.  Optimally, if your budget allows, you would want to get a great human hair wig to suit your more important dates and looks, but always have a great synthetic wig or two for your daily needs or your more casual days.  Ideally, you want both types of hair on hand as both are great choices for different situations. You could actually have your cake and eat it too!

Regardless of which type of hair you choose, remember that it is always important to follow our care recommendations in order to get the optimal life span from your hair!


We would love to know your thoughts on Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair wigs.  Give us your thoughts below!


  • Lucia Harrop: March 30, 2020

    Can you tell me what brand you got off Amazon?
    I am new to wigs and your review sounds promising. I have very long hair right now, but am experiencing extreme hairloss from medication and am totally traumatized. Your recommendation is appreicated.

  • Gina: February 04, 2020

    I’m a divorced single mom, so human hair is OUT. I get what’s left after the mortgage, the bills, the groceries, clothes and shoes for my kid. I was buying from local beauty supply stores but tried Amazon for the first time this Christmas. And BOY was I shocked! I bought some synthetic pre-plucked, natural hairline wigs for $35 each, one short, one shoulder length and one long, and NO ONE knows it’s not real hair by looking at it or touching it. It’s super soft, it moves naturally, and not only are they washable, they strongly suggest you wash them before you wear them and style it wet…just like real hair. And they’re cheaper than beauty supply store wigs.

    It’s more work than the shake-and-go wigs and you will have to do some customizing, maybe a little additional plucking to thin the hairline to taste, but you can part them anywhere, wear up-do’s, straighten it, and curl it back up again with FlexiRods. I rod mine and pour boiling water on it, let it air dry overnight and I’ve got beautiful curls again in the morning. Just mousse and go. And they last longer. Not as long as human hair wigs, but a lot longer than my beauty supply store wigs. Do NOT sleep on Amazon. They have really upped the synthetic wig game.

  • The Wig Experts: January 15, 2020

    Hi M!

    We love the human hair & heat-friendly synthetic blended wigs from the brands Ellen Wille and Envy!

    You can shop Ellen Wille’s blended hair here:

    Shop Envy’s blended hair here:

    - The Wig Experts

  • M woods : January 15, 2020

    What s the best brand for a blended human hair ,synthetic wig? Advise

  • Monique Jackson : November 01, 2019

    I agree with you on the difference. I have recently tried synthetic and really like it until it’s time to wash it. It never acts the same after washing. Also if you do any cutting to it. Those ends will eventuality start to act strange and unruly. I find synthetic wigs causes my scalp to itch more as well. I do like the clean cuts and lines of the wig. It looks crisp and clean and I can walk in the rain, but my fiancé can’t run his hands through my hair, so I don’t like that. I don’t like taking my wigs off at night, so I am more comfortable with a human wig that I can leave in all the time.. I can wash it, condition it, blow dry it and all of that.. look forward to a blend that gives the sharp lines and cuts with no running out of the rain in the synthetic wig and the softness and versatility of the human wig..!!

  • The Wig Experts: October 23, 2018


    One of our Client Care Representatives will be reaching out to you via email with a color suggestion!

    - The Wig Experts

  • Libby: October 23, 2018

    I have black hair with about 25% gray. I’m looking for a piece with this color. The synthetic wig I bought
    ( from somewhere ) has more gray than black and shiny which looks very very fake.
    I’m wondering if you have a more natural looking wig with some gray.
    I would appreciate any suggestion.thank you very much.

  • Elsa Pitcovsky: October 10, 2018

    A touppe 18 inches
    Darkest brown
    Not heavy
    Natural Hair

  • Liz Lyons: August 30, 2018

    Another difference with human hair is that it is usually much lighter and redder in color than its colorway counterpart in synthetic hair. You need to consider that because the swatches shown here are identical for both types of hair and that is misleading.

  • The Wig Experts: June 27, 2018

    Hi Joan!
    We have a great selection of toppers, so you have come to the right place! Toppers are a great way to introduce yourself to alternative hair during the beginning stages of hair loss. Here is a link to our selection of toppers!

    Hope this helps!
    -The Wig Experts

  • Joan Ikemoto: June 27, 2018

    I am looking for a top hair piece. I am balding.

  • Debbie : February 11, 2017

    I’ve used human hair pieces since age 22 & they’ve worked well, though I’ve found the quality has drastically declined. You never know what you’re going to get.
    My alopecia has deteriorated forcing my transition to a full wig & I find the synthetics quite nice. As I’m pretty picky, my only complaint is the tangling with the longer styles. There’s little you can do about it & rest assured this happens with human hair as well.
    Really, it’s a trial & error process.

  • Karen Dennis: January 30, 2017

    Fairly new to the wig scene so the information you provided about human hair wigs and synthetic wigs was very helpful to me. Thank you.

  • Lisa Wilson: January 29, 2017

    I have to have human hair…no matter what we can always tell the difference. The fake looks fake…

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