Toni Brattin Wigs Come to

Toni Brattin Wigs Come to

Toni Brattin wigs, hair extensions and hair pieces

Wigs by Toni Brattin

Toni Brattin has always represented beauty for many years. Her goal in the beauty industry has been to find ways to help women look their best. She found her most notable success in the alternative hair industry. For many years Toni has represented a line of faux hairpieces and wigs called Hair Fabulous. 

            Short Blonde Synthetic wig by Toni Brattin      Wavy Blonde Synthetic wig by Toni Brattin


Making her mark on the home shopping network, Toni became one of the most noted names an alternative hair pieces with great and easy to use hair wraps and clip on ponytails. The "Toni pony" became a household name! Here Toni Brattin's hair pieces and wig styles became popular for the great haircuts and affordable prices. 

            Short Pixie Wig by Toni Brattin Wigs is now featuring 12 of her most popular synthetic wig styles and nine of her most popular hair pieces and extensions.
Is moderately priced wigs allow everyone to have style!


            Blonde Clip in Hair extensions by Toni Brattin      Hair Piece for Woman by Toni Brattin


Toni's inspiration comes from the everyday woman. She says, “Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, all colors, all differences. We are all one, but individually unique.” ...She tells her friends, “It’s always better to be overdressed than overlooked!” Don’t let life overlook you - you are worth it!

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