Top 5 Cutest Hairstyles of 2018 | Get The Look With Wigs

Top 5 Cutest Hairstyles of 2018 | Get The Look With Wigs

The new year is upon us and with it comes the chance to make goals and get inspired. A great way to start the year out right is with a fresh new look. Here are five of the best (and craziest!) hairstyles of 2018. Perhaps one will inspire you to take a plunge and revamp your look for the new year. 

Get The Styles With Wigs and Hairpieces

  1. High Ponytail

2018 ushered in a old favorite that just about anyone can get on board with. Reminiscent of early nineties, the High Ponytail made a come back on the red carpet as a sleek simple updo look.

This trend is not only easy to reproduce but also scrunchy free this time around. The higher and tighter you go the more smooth and angular the look. Great for an easy sophisticated hairstyle. It might be worth it to pop some pain killers before sporting this look, to stave off any hair tightening headaches that accompany it.

Ponytail | Pony Wig by Hairdo

Cute Curly Wig Style

  1.   Full Curls

Full natural curls came into style on the red carpet the end of 2017 and the trend continued through the year. It was a freeing look for ethnic hair to go big and beautiful.

To get the look, simply let your lushes curls dry naturally and gently brush it out to create more volume. A drastic side part takes this look to the extreme. Wearing curly wigs exudes confidence and rests your locks from the damage of blowdrying.

Curly Wig


Hairpieces for Men

  1.  Under Cuts for Men

A big trend for 2018 saw the end of long hair for men and high tight fades. I’m sure Vanilla-Ice was thrilled. Taking the main stage for men’s hairstyles was under-cutting and leaving those locks long on top in a wild voluminous fringe.

Thanks to Charlie Hunnam, the wet slicked back look of a high fade really hit its high point. Add a surgical line and and you will be wearing one of the craziest men’s hairstyles of 2018.

Not to worry if you don't have all the hair needed up top, try a hairpiece for men and you'll be styling in no time!

Undercuts for Men
  1.   Ombre

Ombre hair is not a new trend, but seems to come and go over the years. Its great hairstyle for anyone looking to grow their color out and return to a darker shade.

That being said, in 2018, we saw this classic hairstyle reach all ends of the spectrum from natural soft tones to wild and crazy fantasy colors. It was a great opportunity to try out those wild colors you always dreamed of while still keeping things on the professional side.

Ombre Hair Wig


  1.   Galaxy Hair

That brings us to our biggest wild hair trend of 2018, Galaxy hair! This hairstyle was everywhere over the last year. From elderly women to teenage girls, everyone was sporting rich hues of bright colors.

What makes Galaxy hair stand out from other fantasy hair color trends? The seemingly seamless fade of one color to the next along the hair. One might consider this Ombre to the extreme.

Pastel Blue Wig


Sport a short cut with drastic angular lines and not only will you being turning heads, but you will be wearing the craziest hairstyle of 2018.

Check out the featured styles: Ponytail | Full Curls | Ombre Hair | Galaxy Hair

What was your favorite crazy style of 2018?

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