Top 5 Dark Brown Wigs for Spring!

Top 5 Dark Brown Wigs for Spring!

When it comes to brunette wigs, there’s pretty much only upsides! Dark brown hair:

● Looks and feels thicker. Brunette hair strands are almost always thicker than blonde hair. This is likely because dark brown hair tends to have more melanin, which thickens the hair.

● Lasts longer between washes. Because blonde hair is generally thinner, meaning that it can actually look oily faster! 

● Flatters most skin tones. Blonde hair tends to wash out paler skin. Whatever your skin tone, there’s definitely a shade of dark brown hair that will work for you!

So if you’re daring to go dark this spring, we've got the looks that will keep you trending and heads turning this season! 


Brown Human Hair Wigs 

For the human hair wig lovers out there, we've got a seriously sultry look to get you sprung into spring the right way! Though this wig’s name might not be the easiest to remember, you’ll be utterly unforgettable while wearing PLF 008HM! This shoulder-length wig is a dream come true for human hair wig lovers. Short without being too short, silky without feeling unnatural, PLF 008HM by Louis Ferre is simply beautiful.

Since it’s a lace front wig with a monofilament top, you can trust it’s of the highest quality. With an angled bang, curled ends, and a natural texture, this style is a safe bet any time of year. And I’m a sucker for dark brown and red blends, so I have to recommend the Creamy Cocoa blend!

Synthetic Brown Hair Wigs

If you love the look and style of PLF 008HM but are searching for a synthetic wig, Brave The Wave is an easy alternative! With bouncy scrunched curls and a cute side bang, Brave the Wave is simply fun and filled with personality. Though synthetic, this wig looks and feels natural and voluminous, and is thoughtfully layered to flatter most facial shapes.

For a sassy bob wig that's the perfect mix of messy and sophisticated try Reese! If you’re hoping to hide or distract from a long forehead, this wig and its carefree choppy bangs are for you! And because it’s super lightweight and breathable, Reese is the perfect way to leave behind the doldrums of the winter season. You also won’t have to bother with day-to-day styling—Reese by Noriko is a ready-to-wear synthetic wig, allowing you an easy morning routine!

Brown Layered Wigs

For some luxuriously layered locks that could fool anyone into thinking it’s your real hair, you've got to try Platinum 106! With lots of angled layers to work with, Platinum 106 by Louis Ferre can be endlessly re-styled to your heart’s content. If you’re looking for a high quality wig that will last a long time, Platinum 106 is the right wig for you!

For a long, layered wig without all the maintenance, you can’t go wrong with Brianna. Like all lace front wigs, Brianna by Envy gives you the appearance of a natural hairline. This synthetic wig is pure glamour with long bangs and beachy curls. I love the Chocolate Carmel blend, but if you want to go true dark brown, the espresso and coffee mix is simply beautiful!

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